Saturday, November 26, 2011

DOTD: Strangers Don’t Choose My Fashion

Hola Divas:
I dress for me… I say this as a prelude to a bit of a rant. Yes, I am plus sized. Yes, I have thick thighs and a chubby middle and humungous boobs. But I am me and how I dress is a choice I make for myself everyday. I don’t dress for anyone else other than Yoli. I don’t care if you eyeball me and give me nasty looks because that is you feeling badly about yourself. Don’t hate me because I love my reflection and who I am from head to toe. Women in 2011/2012 need to do better. Seriously, if someone is better dressed than you, you do NOT have permission to then stare and give said person the “stomach virus face”. If I run across someone who is better dressed than myself (yes… it does happen) I usually go out of my way to let them know I like their outfit, shoes, hair or whatever. Why? Because my mama raised me right… Today I wore a mini-skirt (I had originally planned to wear this outfit yesterday but I seriously didn’t get out of bed until like 4pm) and I got so much hate while perusing my local Dutch Amish Market. Especially when one of the women was old enough to be my Grandmother. I seriously wanted to walk over to her and say “Bish, you know better!!!” but I didn’t. My hubby was like a kid in a candy store (literally) because they had so much great food and sweets available. I think he is going to “catch the ‘betes” (diabetes) after he eats all the goodies we bought.

Anyway… I had plans to record a video for Thanksgiving and that never happened. I ate too much and really don’t care. And now I’m just trying to do my best to enjoy these days off. How was your Thanksgiving? Have you done any “Black Friday” shopping? If so, what did you buy? Hasta la proxima ~besitos~


What I Wore Today:
Lace Print Top: Alloy 
Black Cami: Forever21+
Pink Mini: Wet Seal plus 
Tights: Assets by Spanx (Target)
Blazer: Mom’s closet
Bangles: Ashley Stewart/Lane Bryant 
Over-the-knee Boots: Torrid
Earrings/Ring: beauty supply


Gabriella Cozza said...

I love that skirt and you look awesome in it! I can't stand when people stare like that, where are their manners?!  Keep dressing for you, the hell with those silly, rude people! :)        

Principessa Gabriella 

Kiah said...

Girl people are so rude! You do you! Kiah

Shanticka Buchanan said...

Gurl bye!! Do you!! You're wearing that mini! You look great!!

infatstyle said...

You look so Hot!!!

The Notorious ZAG said...

I love this outfit, Yoli. And coincidentally, I said the exact same thing today: I dress for me, I don't give 2 shits who likes it. At work, there is a group of black women who thinks that the job is a fashion show or critique. I swear its like Project Stylist or something. Well, today, I wore a bright red floor length skirt, turquoise blazer and black and white striped shirt. These bitches gave me the side eye all day. Grow up, really! Anyway, your color combination is nice, and I think the jacket just really brings it together and makes it grown and sexy. The boots are over the top, I LOVE IT!!!

QueenDiva said...

Thanks love. I and trying to get a tough skin. But it's hard when they are soooo rude about it. especially when it includes a head to toe look that says... "that ho think she cute" lmao

QueenDiva said...

Thanks Kiah... you are so positive all the time... I wish I had your strength :)

QueenDiva said...

Thanks... I know I'm wearing them alot this winter... but last winter I wore so much of my pants... this year I wanted to switch it up

QueenDiva said...

Thanks luv

QueenDiva said...

Thank you so much... and I agree... it is 90% black women that give hate. That is why people are so shocked when I compliment rather than tear down. I mean... what service am I providing by making someone else feel self conscience for no reason. People need to grow and lead by example. PERIOD!! :)

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