Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DOTD: Execution #FAIL

Hola Divas…
Ever have an idea that you can see clearly in your head… and then when you actually put it together… it doesn’t quite come together. I wore this outfit and although it’s not TERRIBLE in pictures… I’m just not happy with it. I really wanted the tights to be darker but I didn’t have any dark gray/charcoal tights. I also had these tights and wanted to wear them but never could seem to find the outfit to wear them with. Well, I think I should have waited a little longer. lol

Well, I’m exhausted as I’ve just walked in from my part-time. So I will bid you a good night and ask…. When was your last “execution #fail”? What were you wearing and what do you wish you could change about it?


What I Executed Poorly Today:
Sweater Dress: Burlington Coat Factory
Scarf: Five Below
Denim Jacket:
Tights: Kmart 
Earrings: beauty supply

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