Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Full Figure Fashion Week Finale Event - from the unfamous side

Imagine you are unemployed and you get offered the chance of a lifetime. It is your first year as a blogger and you are going to not only wear a sponsor retailer, you are going to attend the Finale Event in their place with VIP tickets. Now also imagine you have a husband and 3 kids and you take what is left of your savings account to make a trip to New York you can’t afford, happen regardless of your finances.

I won’t make this post about my trip to New York because there were actual parts of my trip that were awesome and I won’t confuse that post with this one. This post is about the Fatshion Industry. This is has to be said and addressed immediately.

I remember being about 24 when I realized that my size didn’t mean that I wasn’t beautiful. And then in my 30s I really put some eggs in the fashion and beauty basket and found that it made me happy, so I ran with it by styling others, blogging, and writing articles. However, recently,there has been some bad behavior amongst us fatshionistas, and I know my story isn’t the only one like this. I have to say that this undercutting and idea stealing and just general bad behavior shouldn’t be tolerated. I don’t understand why there seems to be more fighting and pettiness amongst us then in the regular size fashion industry. Haven’t we suffered enough? Haven’t we been picked on and prosecuted enough to only want the best for the others who are like us?

That was a preamble to let you know that at Full Fashion Week, I did not have a good time. The fashion was wonderful, but I watched US eyeball each other like we were ugly and dirty. I saw people ignore others, and I experienced firsthand being pushed aside for a model who wanted to speak to someone else while I was there already having a conversation. That is just plain rude, in the words of my girl Maine (Charmaine) “Where they do that at?” When did that behavior start being tolerated… by anyone? Then to make this event an even more shit storm… I find that waiting in line to have my picture taken didn’t mean that your picture would actually be included among the “beautiful” people. Apparently they decided to post pics of who they felt should be posted. I do understand that I could just contact this man for copies of my pics, but why should I have to? Why would I want to give my hard earned money to a man who didn’t deem ME important enough to be in the initial sets of prints? Not to mention I was not only wearing a dress from a sponsor but I was also there on her behave. If I were the actual retailer, I would keep my money next year.

I've been told multiple times this week that this industry is like high school and there are cliques, well… I am too old for this shyte… and I won’t support an event or person that tolerates people to be excluded based on no actual reason other than they aren’t “FAMOUS” enough…

Seriously trying to decide if next years event is worth me making the effort to attend.

I am curious to hear your opinions or what you would have done in my situation. Do you think that I am overreacting?

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