Friday, June 25, 2010

Lucie Lu Review: Queen of Purple Tie-Dye

My Full Figure Fashion Week experience wasn’t that great for me… but one thing about that night was amazing… MY DRESS!!!

My friends Kelly (left) and Trish (right) - I did Kelly's makeup
and she borrowed my red necklace. Her look is a result of my
styling abilities.

Lucie Lu provided me with a beautiful dress. They have a similar dress on their site, but I feel fortunate to have an original (so far). Mine is a Purple Tie-Dye variety that isn’t available on her site. Similar varieties are available and their links are below, just click the color.

The Dress: Honor Dress (Purple Tie Dye) - $52.00

Colors available: Black, Emerald, Amethyst

The Review: This is not much of a review, its more of list of why I love this dress. It’s loose and comfortable and was perfect for walking around in New York. You can slightly see my bra… but I am on the search for a bra that is not as full cup like… lol. But I digress; the dress has a great crochet and lace detail on the cap sleeves and the back. I was madly in love with this dress the moment it arrived.

To give a little background, she originally asked me if I wanted the above dress or the all black Tatum Dress. My husband picked the black dress, but everyone I asked (including a neighbor) said… black? Nope. My neighbor actually said “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a black dress, do you own one?” lmao. That sealed the deal, and hubby soon changed his vote. So the purple dress it was. Lucie Lu wasn’t sure she would have in it time, but fortunately, it made it just in time.

The material is stretchy and bra section had just enough room. I was thrilled as I almost went with a 2x, and I think I would be spilling out of that size (even more so than I am now *winks*)

I did not try this dress without a bra because let’s be real… it wasn’t going to work. I’m not sure how this look would work for smaller chested women, I would be interested in knowing how it fit if you did purchase it. It is long dress that came below the knee which makes it a great dress for work (if worn with a blazer or tee underneath) and you could pull any color out of the dress because I see shades of blue, tan, and purple. Or you could play it safe with a black shoe. I decided to wear it with a lace shoe since the detail on the back was lace. I felt so pretty that night.

I don’t have a coupon code for Lucie Lu, but I will be contacting her to find out if there is one, and I will keep you posted. If you haven’t purchased from her yet… NOW is the time to do so.
Me above rockin' my dress in front of the David Letterman sign, and in front of the
lights of  Times Square... Awesome night, and the only pics I have of me in the dress.

So tell me, have you have purchased anything from them yet, if so what did you buy?!!

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