Friday, June 04, 2010

Sizes to Fit Review: Sergeant Diva reporting for duty!

I was provided by the great folks at Sizes To Fit a few dresses that I could review on my blog, and they arrived yesterday. As this is a retailer that has not been reviewed by any other bloggers (that I am aware of), this was a great opportunity for me to be a front runner. A leader as opposed the follower.

I received 3 dresses, but I am going to review one a week over the next couple of weeks (I hope). I decided to review the denim dress first as denim dresses are so hot right now. And this one has the military look that is also equally popular.

The Dress: Gold Button Front Tab Dress - $24.99 (that’s the actual price!!!)

The Review: I have many dresses. And I am not afraid of showing a little cleavage or a little leg. This dress is not for the faint of heart. It comes a bit above the knee (I’m 5’8) and the cleavage show is ample. But I think it is super cute and sexy. The denim is stretchy and comfortable. I sat down and pulled and tugged without moving the dress. I like to check the actual stretch in a dress in case I fluctuate in weight (as we fatshionistas sometimes do) and this dress seriously passes the test.

Now ladies who do not like to invest in supportive undergarments, know that I tried this dress without a bra… and it was a laugh and a half. This dress was not equipped for my girth. The zipper kept coming down as it struggled to maintain control over my boobs. I tried it with a super padded bra and it looked like my boobs were struggling for air. Below you will see that I have on my normal strapless bra and that is the look that it accomplished.

My husband is a fan, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters. His favorite (just to give you something to look forward to) will be the last dress that I review for this series.

So to recap, the make is great, the dress is comfortable, and the price is super affordable. There is little that could make this better. But wait… there IS more… the owner of Sizes to Fit has taken it a bit further by offering my awesome readers a coupon code that is valid until the end of July: DDT0710 for 10% off your entire order at Sizes to Fit!

Now go check them out and the super cute new additions that have arrived just since my Lo Quiero Ahora: Sizes to Fit post. If you decide to purchase, let me know what you will buy!!

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