Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sizes to Fit Review: I'll Be Steppin' Out Into The Irresistible Future

As you may recall, I was provided by the great folks at Sizes To Fit, 3 dresses that I could review on my blog, and the first of which I reviewed here. I really enjoyed the original post and this one was fun as well.

As the second dress on the review tour, I went with this black tube dress that originally came with a rose belt. I decided the belt wasn’t part of how I was feeling so I decided to remove it and go for another look. Not to mention I am not "stomachly fit" to wear this dress with just the belt. I see some crunches in my future.

The Dress: Millenium Bustier Dress Rose Belt - $19.99 (that’s the actual price!!!)

The Review: Again I must reiterate I am not afraid of showing a little cleavage or a little leg. This dress is for those who aren't afraid to show some skin as it comes a bit above the knee (I’m 5’8) and the cleavage show is ample. But I think it is super cute and sexy. The material is stretchy and comfortable. Sitting down was a task but I was able to accomplish it. I liked the feel of the dress but it is not a office dress. It is definitely for a night on the town. I decided to team it up with a teal sweater and stilettos so that I can cover “my jiggly parts” but still have a pop of color.

As with the previous dress, I attempted to wear this dress sans bra… I looked like a crackhead prostitute. All my goodies were a step away from being on display. Below you will see that I have on my normal strapless bra and that is the look that it accomplished.

My husband is not a fan of this dress because he feels too much is out. He felt that the dress was too small, in general. I would probably wear this dress in a layering situation. Or I may get the sides of the boobs taken out. I haven’t decided yet.

So to recap, the stretch is great, the dress is comfortable, and the price is super affordable. It could be a bit longer, but I assume the dress may be for a younger age group.

I wanted to remind you all that the owner of Sizes to Fit is offering my awesome readers a coupon code that is valid until the end of July: DDT0710 for 10% off your entire order at Sizes to Fit!

Now go check them out and the super cute new additions that have just arrived. If you decide to purchase, let me know what you will buy!!

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