Sunday, June 06, 2010

Supporting My Divas: Me love you long time...

I have been slacking, I know... I have been trying to get myself together to get  back on track. So for the first time in weeks, a  "Supporting My Divas" post. These blogs are by no case new to me. I have been following these blogs for a while. I am so behind, that it may be a while before I list any that are newly found. So, if you know of these great blogs, that's fine. But if you've found any that are new that I haven't mentioned... my email box is always open to suggestions.


Gazel of Bonjour Gazel! has a wonderful blog. She has great taste and she takes awesome risks that always end up looking great. Short dress... adorable. Fringe haircut... amazing. Now to really take her awesome-ness to the next level, she has created a new community on Livejournal (epaisse) that is similar to WIWT2 for plus size posters. In her words "an alternative for those who are uncomfortable posting there and would like a plus size community on livejournal that is more constructive criticism and "quality outfits" instead of stuff just thrown on and praises given by the bucket". Isn't that AWESOME? I know... you already know of her and if not... support her now... you know you want to... also join the LJ community

Letilor of le blog de letilor is another awesome contender. If you swing by, you will immediately know why I am a fan. The colors, oh the colors!!! She seems to have the same affliction that I have, that she can't wear boring drab colors with out adding a splash of something bright. And you know I love how she pulls it off. Be it tights, shoes, or belt... the woman has a way with color. If you haven't followed her... do yourself a favor and make sure she is on your Blog Read list going forward...

Do you know Amanda? Of course you know Amanda... the positive force behind one of my favorite blogs: Fashion Love and Martinis. She is also has a Youtube Channel and I have yet to go to any account she has and not add her. She's on my twitter, facebook, youtube, blackberry, and I follow her blog... wait... its official... I'm stalking her... poor poor Amanda... Make it better by giving her a few more followers... maybe my stalking won't appear so obvious.

Jules has a blog... and its called... wait for it... Boom Boom Pow. OMG!!! The name says it all. She's showing legs, curvacious bootie, and a little bit of cleavage. I think I have a girl crush on her. She is working it. There is no doubt that you will go to her blog and will find some inspiration as I have. If she keeps this up, she will surpass us all with followers. As hot as she's looking, she will probably gain a few male followers to boot. Hope you love it like I do... Follow Her!!

Beth... Beth... can you hear me calling you Beth? Yes... you are pretty... and Pretty in Plus is an great blog that should be celebrated. Best part about your blog my dear... your poses... but I'm sure you know that. As for the rest of my readers, I have no doubt you will love Beth... I am obsessed  dedicated to her blog. When she announces a new post, I rush to read it on my blackberry if I'm not near my laptop. Show her some love mis amigas. (p.s. love her in the purple plaid dress & leggings post)

Show the love by following these awesome women. And I promise to not let so much time come between support posts. :)

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