Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Deep Thought #3: The Men in my life

So I really think that some of my readers may think I’m a bit shallow. All I ever do is post pictures of me and my outfits. So I decided to write something to give you a little more insight to who I am. I am married. To a wonderful Hispanic man, Miguel, and his picture will pop up here from time to time. We’ve been married for 7 years in June. So, he is not working currently, but he's doing what he can. When people talk about the economy I can honestly say that in 2009, I saw just how bad the economy was. My husband’s business fell to almost NOTHING, and I was unemployed the beginning part of last year. So the wonderful things that have started to happen this year are us being blessed for our perseverance and diligence.

Sidebar: If you live in the MD/DC/VA & lower PA area… my husband is a home improvement/painter who does great work. Contact me here for his info…

So since my husband hasn’t been working, I have had the joy of seeing what a REAL GOOD MAN looks like. He gets up with me each morning to fix me tea (or the occasional coffee) and breakfast (if time permits). He carries my bags to my car and kisses me goodbye. He sends me a text message as I drive to work telling me to have a good day. Usually about the time I arrive to work, he sends another message to tell me I’m beautiful and sexy (even on the days where I don’t feel as such). Around 10 or 11 am he sends me message to remind me to take my pill (not birth control). Then sometime between 12 & 2pm he sends another message to make sure I haven’t forgotten to eat lunch (because he knows I will go all day and FORGET to eat). He calls me throughout the day to check on me and to say loving things. At first, because I wasn’t used to this… it was a bit annoying. But now I see… its love. This is a man who loves me… And his love makes it easier for me to do what I do. I was recently promoted, and it was in part due to this beautiful man. He is supporting me and our family in an unconventional way so that I can better provide for all of us. He makes sure the kids get to school, and on the days I work late, he makes sure they are fed and bathed. To be honest, I haven’t supervised a bath in months. This is a GREAT man…

Another man in my life is my father. This past weekend, after the snow, I went to leave my house and found my brakes were on their last leg. They had ground down to the wick and were making that horrible grinding sound. My account was not in a financial situation to support a repair. My first day at my new position was Monday. I had a mechanic on speed dial and he told me he could do it on Sunday if I bought the parts and he would do it all 4 wheels for $100. I had nowhere to turn. I called Dad, he was at church. He told me he could come by after church. So long story short, my father came to the auto store, purchased the parts, then hung around while the mechanic worked, and paid for the job. I will repay him. But he didn’t once make a big deal about having to help me at the last minute. Nor did he ask me why my husband wasn’t working. He just did what he could… by being the best father EVER.

The last but not least, of the men in my life is my brother. He hasn’t been having a lot of luck in the employment or finance area lately, but he is still a good man. I love him. I know sometimes he thinks that is not the case, but I do… WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Some of the best times are when he pulls me in for those occasional hugs, that make me feel so tiny next to his height and frame… but in those hugs… I feel so much love. This brother of mine does something for me that he probably doesn’t even know he’s doing. He’s a friend to my husband. My husband is introverted and doesn’t have many people he trusts or befriends. But my brother and he hang out occasionally. And when my husband returns, he is so much happier (hahahaha… inside joke). But that friendship he offers to my husband makes him a much better man than he gives himself credit for…

Also, my brother is the only person I know who makes fat jokes that crack me up. Cause, is it actually possible to tell a joke with sarcasm? HILARIOUS!!!

Now here is another person who will someday make his way on this list. My son, Malik, he is not a man but someday he will grow to be a good man (if I don’t kill him during these difficult teenage years… YIKES!!). But I also love him as much as the other men above. I know he would kill anyone who tried to harm any of the women of his family. He has a heart of gold, and when he becomes an adult, he will make a great husband, brother, and father.

Picture Above: my son with his sisters (both in green) and his cousin

So if you have any men in your life who are like the wonderful men in mine… hug them, kiss them, and tell them you love them. They may need to hear it more than you know.


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