Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DOTD: Accidental Outfit Connection

So as I have mentioned previously, being stuck in the house due to Snowmageddon 2010 has left little to no motivation to really DIVA’n it up. So this past weekend I decided to clean out my closet (not a reference to Eminem) and do laundry. So during my cleaning expedition and subsequent laundry detail, I found the below skirt and realized that *GASP* it went perfectly with my new sweater from Torrid. I put the outfit together on Saturday. Lounged Sunday and Monday (President’s Day) so today… YAY… I was able to break out the cuteness. So excited… finally a DOTD (Diva of the Day) after all this snow.

I am trying new things with my make-up because I am determined to master this blending thing. I don't know... Please let me know what you think about both.

Outfit Breakdown:
Tank: Wal-Mart
Sweater: Torrid
Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory
Tights: Silkies
Heels: SBicca
Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory
Earrings: Asian Beauty Supply (near my house)
Bracelets: Burlington Coat Factory
Belt: Lane Bryant

Other things I want my readers/followers to consider is this:
1. Almost everywhere sells accessories now-a-days. Don't be afraid to walk into your local beauty mart, shoe store, and thrift store. I always check every store to see if accessories are available. Because they are usually one size fits all, and you would be amazed how it can really pull together an outfit.

2. Tights are a great thing to have. If you live on the east coast, and you've been hit by the arctic temperatures and the snow, then you know that tights can allow you to wear more than pants this winter. I prefer Silkies because I am terribly forgetful and they allow you to put your tights, socks, and hosiery on a delivery schedule that fits your life. That is only for basic colors. For more trendy colors I use We Love Colors and Wal-mart.

3. Layers can help you out. In my office the temperature is never as it should be. And if like to layer you could do a cami, a top, and then a cardigan. If it gets to be too hot, you could remove the cardigan. In the spring this is one of my favorite things to do, as the air conditioning is set on North Pole, but then its 100 degrees outside when I leave my office.


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