Saturday, February 27, 2010

DOTD: Purple Haze and Happyness

If you read my blog you know I did a bit of shopping recently for inspiration and a way to create new looks for the blogs. So today is my comeback. It's nothing fancy... but it was a comfy outfit to wear hanging out with hubby. I hope this comeback is up to my previous DIVA standards... opinions? Next time I will take the pictures before I sit in the sweater and stretch it out... *smiles*

Also, on the closeup on the shoes, you get a first glance at my new tattoo. It's a lilly, as it is my favorite flower. Probably another reason I'm loving my outfit. Getting tons of attention today...

Outfit Breakdown:
Tank: unknown
Sweater: Newport News
Leggings: Newport News
Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory (also new)
New Tattoo: Tribal Tattoo in Crofton, MD (artist: Mike)
Eyeshadows: Purple Haze (MAC) and Dark Gray (NYX)


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