Monday, February 22, 2010

How was your weekend?

To go an entire weekend without blogging... was different. But now that leaves me with the need to update all my followers on what was going on. If you follow me on Twitter you may have an idea of what occurred. So I will break it up into the days themselves so you can get a complete understanding on what I experienced.

Woke up and checked my bank first thing. YAY!!! My taxes had arrived and that left me with so much to do. I was to work from home so I told husband, that I didn't want to delay renewing my tags another day. So we headed to the MVA (Motor Vehicles Administration). There is where the day went DOWNHILL. We arrive to find that I must first pay off the remainder of my debt to the state of MD before I could proceed. I pay that off and proceed back to information. Where I find I have to pay a ticket to Baltimore City (seriously... NEVER get a ticket in Baltimore City... if you do, pay it the same damn day).
So I decide that I would call them to pay over the phone. The payment line is STUPID, and won't let me past the "jurisdiction" stage of the automated service. Also, could not press "0" for an operator. Again, stupidest automated pay by phone service ever. After like 5 tries to get a person to no avail, I told hubby to drive me to the Panera which was about one traffic light away from the MVA. We sit in the parking lot, and I log in (thank god I have the foresight to bring my laptop with me) and pay Baltimore City online. I get my confirmation number and then call back the actual office (NOT the automated system) and wait in the queue. The automated computer operator commences to tell me that I am caller #26 and my approximate wait time is 44 minutes. Okay, not a problem, thank goodness for my Bluetooth so that I can listen to the nonsense and read my book and chat with hubby. Until, I accidently hit the off button on my Bluetooth and end the call. I was #11 in the queue at that point and that is when I knew, for certain, this day was going to suck!!
I was tempted to tell hubby forget this, I want to go home. We can renew it next week. It is approximately 12:30 at this point, I’m starving and I’ve been at this dang MVA since 10:00. So, he calms me down (as only he can) takes me to KFC for something to eat and I log into the system again. I am #50 in the queue and will have to wait approximately 72 minutes *GASP*. But I was patient, and finally got to speak with a lovely ray of sunshine from the Baltimore City Red Light Ticket office (seriously soooo dripping with sarcasm). That women was NASTY… but seriously, no one in those offices ever are. I was finally told I would have to wait another 45 minutes for them to fax my release to the MVA. Hubby and I return back inside and wait. Everytime that fax rang, I jumped up and asked if it was mine. I think I was getting on that womans nerves, but she was so kind and sweet about it. First nice person all day (besides my hubby). So she had to put my number back into the MVA queue (can you see that I spent the majority of my day WAITING?!!!) so Hubby did some translating for a woman who didn’t understand anything in English so he explained it in Spanish. She was so grateful. Once she had done what hubby had translated she returned and talked to him, I got the usual fake smile I get from Hispanic women that see me with a Hispanic man. Also, let me pause here to give a sidenote.
*Sidenote* Just because you are not familiar with the aspect of a Black woman with a Hispanic man, does NOT give you the right to stare at us like we are some animals in a freaking zoo. It is rude and obnoxious. Jeez, get the hell over it and yourself!!!
Finally, we were called, paid for the tags (all that for one sticker… effort + time = a lot of money lost).
We left there to go to the bank to get money to pay my daycare provider. We picked up the girls and headed home. Miguel and I had another errand to run, so we waited for my son to return from school. As always, on a day when I need him to be on time, he is late. After yelling at him about calling, answering his phone, and following the rules of my household. We set out to pick up my friend Jordann. It was her birthday after all, and he wanted to make her smile. We went to get gas, and then went to Starbucks for the Caramel Apple Spice thingy… OMG… DELISH!!!
We picked her up and headed to the mall. She looked beautiful as always, and because she is so not vain, she doesn’t notice the heads she turns… gotta love that about someone so gorgeous. We ended up in MAC and I bought lip glass and teal eyeshadow and also another lip glass for the birthday girl. We walked the mall looking for brown shoes (will explain why later). Coming up empty, and just being tired, we decided to call it a night and head home. We made plans for the next night to go dancing. Hubby and I headed to Ruby Tuesday for dinner. I was craving their salad bar and not much else. We had dinner and the best server ever (J.R. – he says he works every Friday night – tip him well). Stopped and got the kids something to eat, headed home and to bed.
*Sidenote* The Patron Margarita at Ruby Tuesdays is NO JOKE!!! One drink, and I was drunk.

I woke up to an AWESOME hangover (as did hubby). We’re still trying to understand getting drunk on one drink. Amazing!!!
Got the family dressed to hit the Annapolis Mall. We wanted to go and get the kids some things to put a smile on their faces as well as continue the search for the brown shoes. Also, the malls have those kiddies playground thingies that allow them to burn some energy. We go through the hassle of finding parking (as 90% of the parking lot is still covered in those ridiculous mounds of snow), and take the kids into the mall through the JCPenney entrance (who btw… was having a sale). We head to the shoe department, and not one shoe in any of the kids sizes. It was so stupid. Not one shoe!!! So we left to head to the playground and once we arrive, the kids announce that they don’t want to play (REALLY?!!). So we head to Payless Shoes, and although it wasn’t my first choice for their shoes, it does have character shoes and that makes them so happy. Also, I saw two pairs that were also in JCPenney, so what does that tell ya?
We then decided to walk the mall. Because we were there, so might as well get some cardio. We head in the direction of the food court. We stop at Body Shop because they were having a skincare sale, and I love those Vitamin C capsules… omg… so good for the face.

Then we went to the bookstore, I decided I didn’t want the books I had originally searched long and hard for, but instead bought the V Magazine (the size issue), that I couldn’t find anywhere in Glen Burnie. Offered to buy my son a book but he declined. Still need to figure out what I will get him. Stopped by B&BWs for those super huge candles, one in Island Margarita and the other was Island Nectar. We left the mall in search of food.
We drove around Annapolis for a while looking for restaurants that the kids wouldn’t lose it to eat it. We then headed back to Glen Burnie and pulled into the Outback. The kids were loud and hyper in the restaurant. Don’t think that is one we will revisit again anytime soon. We went home to rest off some of the heavy eating.
My husband and I had planned to go to Arundel Mills to continue to search down these elusive brown shoes. I need to make sure I have all the basic colors covered as I will be getting the lilly tattoo on my foot colored in and I won’t be able to wear socks, tights, or pantyhose. I need shoes that are open on the top without a T-Strap or anything else that will touch the tattoo and hinder healing. Well, lunch/dinner (lunner) was causing hubby some discomfort, so he decided that he would stay home and I would suffer the mall alone. Another thing to remember is that up until about a year ago, I wore a size 11. Now 11s are too big and that leaves many of my shoes behaving like flip flops. So, while in search of the brown shoes, I found these great Michael Shannon Fuchsia stilettos. Also, the same shoe in black. *OMG… Shoegasm*
Still no brown shoe, but I finally found one I liked (after checking every store in that over crowded mall) but all that were available were an 11 and a 9 ½ . To my amazement, they fit. So I left the mall, with foreboding on how hubby was going to react to the shoe overage. He was NOT pleased. I then decided to check the balance on the account to shoe him it wasn’t that bad (3 pairs of shoes for $130… come on).
Unfortunately, my computer was ravaged with a virus. My first thought was going to kill my husband, and then dispose of the body. Especially since the virus was very creative. Made you think it was virus protection software and wanted you to enter your credit card information to renew the software. But I worked on it all night and tried to get the anti-virus software I had previously purchased to do its job. It wouldn’t because the virus files were out-of-date. So, I finally gave up at about midnight with the mindset that I would fix it the next day.

Woke up really late, think I was really sleepy. Packed up the laptop and headed yet again to Panera. I have an aircard, and the virus wouldn’t let me use the software associated with it. I needed the internet but with no software. So in Panera, I updated my virus protection. And almost immediately, it started kicking virus ass and taking names. My testimony: Norton Anti-virus saved my laptop.

While we were there we ate and then we went to buy a blueray disc player (so we can download Netflix directly to my house). Went home and met the mechanics that were to fix my pseudo-brother’s truck. Afterwards we went to Wal-Mart and bought some hangers and shampoo. Also went to Boston Market for Dinner. Came home and watched our Netflix movies. Uneventful but tiresome day, I went to bed early.

So today, I’m at work. I didn’t want to take pictures this morning because I was trying to make it into the office early. Traffic, however, had other plans. So, I have updated what I am wearing today (which includes my new fuschia shoes from Off Broadway).

Also, here is my makeup too. Enough about me… How was your weekend?

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