Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy: My purchases!!

Since my last post was about how I wasn't in the mood for much of anything... How about a little retail therapy to lift the mood. OH HAPPY DAY!!

Although some things may not touch flesh until next winter... it stills brings me happyness (intentionally misspelled) to buy clothes and to anticipate their look on me. Now this is my first attempt as purchasing from ASOS Curve and I'm not sure of the size to body ratio... but if it doesn't fit... I will live on water and lemon wedges until it does. :)

And if you happen to run into my husband... maybe keep these purchases a secret as he doesn't know I've bought these items yet.... Oooops... hehe... Hey... its necessary!!! SSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Newport News purchases:

1. Belted Skirt with cargo pockets (purchased in tan)
2. Capri Leggings (purchased in black)
3. Dolman-sleeve Tunic (purchased in deep-violet, deep-teal, & black)
4. The So-Coveted Scrunch Legging (purchased in black)
5. Dark Red Pencil Skirt
6. Ruffle Trim Shrug (purchased in deep-violet)
7. Peplum Jersey-knit Tee (purchased in black)
8. Sleeveless Turtleneck (purchased in deep-teal, dark-red, & black)
9. Tweed Pencil Skirt with Free Corsage Belt

ASOS Curve purchases:

1. Longline Boyfriend Cardigan - Navy
2. Exclusive Skinny Jean - Indigo
3. Full Length Leggings - Black
4. Tailored Pencil Skirt - Black

What do you think?


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