Thursday, February 11, 2010

OOTD: Getting Snowy Chic and a SUPER Haul

I just used this post as an introduction to the Skorch blog. As my followers know, I believe you can find fashion anywhere. I believe you can shop in all kinds of stores to find something that suits who you are. You will find I shop the major stores on & offline but also don't overlook men's stores & consignment (thrift stores).

As my first OOTD for Skorch, I had expected to do something more glamorous and chic, but as the east coast is covered in about 4 ft of snow (in some locations more than that) I decided to work with what I had. Since today was the first day out of the house after 5 days of captivity, I went shopping. So instead of snow boots, I wore my walking sneaks, as I knew I would have alot of ground to cover. Although its not fancy, I still felt rather pretty all day, maybe even turned a few heads.

Outfit Breakdown:
Winter Coat: Thrifted
Gray Top: Torrid
Pink Tank: Wal-Mart
Jeans: Wal-Mart
Shoes: Nike Shox (don't remember where I purchased)
Hat: Burlington Coat Factory

Also, as you can see… I went with pink make-up (yet again). The best part about today is I am wearing a combination of pink and burgundy mascara. Not to mention a new pink liquid liner. Just what I needed after days of being stuck in the house with nothing on but sweats and t-shirts.

As I stated, I went shopping. See below my hauls from Torrid and New York & Company (great sale... buy one pant, get one free). We also bought some very hot items from Buckle for hubby. I will post him in his outfits one day soon, SMOKING HOT!!!!

Torrid Haul:
Red Sweater
Black Sweater
White Sweater
Teal Sweater
Red Belt
Curvy Jeans (known to the rest of the world as skinny jeans)

New York & Company Haul:
Black Flare City Pants
Light Gray Flare City Pants


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