Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snowmageddon and Relaxed DOTD and Hauls...

If you live anywhere on the east coast, there is a likelyhood you are dealing with the same things I have been dealing with. I have spent about 5 days in the house, being held hostage by the near 3 ft of snow that covered the Baltimore/DC Metro area. I have never seen so much snow, and would be totally happy to not see snow EVER again. Worse of all, I was allowing it to totally take over who I was. I was allowing it to depress me. On Sunday (after 3 days of captivity), I decided to make-up my girls faces to lift mine and their spirits.

Aren't they precious? I mean, without makeup they're gorgeous, but with makeup they felt so so beautiful. Which of course made my day better. Monday, was the hardest day EVER. I cried alot. Not only because of the snow, but because of things in my life in which I was not in control of. So I tried to get it together but couldn't. My husband in the moment of my nervous breakdown, snuck out of the house. I thought he was going out to get a break from all my whining. Instead, he went to get my favorite comfort food (Utz Salt & Vinegar & Diet Pepsi). Just when I think I can't love him anymore, he pulls a stunt like that. So, I calmed down and realized that life was not going to get better with me feeling sorry for myself. So I fell asleep thinking about... what else... clothes...

So I decided that when all this snow was over I would have many outfits that I could play with, just using the items in my closet. Many color schemes came to mind. Green & Fuschia, Yellow & Gray, Purple & Red... and many many more. So this morning, I woke up and decided to scrub myself up and get pretty. Even if it was only to hang around the house. So I went with my first color scheme: Kelly green & Fuschia. I really liked putting the two colors together in my makeup, my husband even dolled himself up a bit too.

Today... was a much better day. Some things I bought online arrived and my husband and I did some shopping. Below are the pictures of my haul:

Blue shirt: Curve Appeal
Purple Dress: Fatshionista Sales Post
Tye Dye Dress: Fatshionista Sales Post
Hard Candy Make-up: Wal-Mart

L to R: Venus Mascara (Purple), Fuschia Liquid Liner, Lucky Liquid Liner, Late Night Mascara (Green), & Punk Mascara (Pink)

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