Monday, September 06, 2010

DOTD: Tears for Fears

I will use this post to bring you into my life. I have been unemployed since April and its hard. Its terribly hard with 3 kids and no savings left. I am having "episodes" that cause me to be unable to function. I cry and cry and can't seem to function. So although below I look fine... I am a mess inside. Because of that I have not written an article or really been feeling like myself. Its sad because I know it bothers the people around me that I'm not my upbeat self but this will not be better until I have a job where I can better provide for my family.

If you know someone who knows about a job in Maryland... let me know... at this point I will do anything that will pay enough for my daycare.

If you like anything in my BLOG SALE... please know every purchase helps. If you at any point would like to donate... understand... I would greatly appreciate it but understand that most people can't do it.

Outfit Breakdown:
Tank: Wal-Mart
Capris: Lane Bryant
Blazer: Sihouettes
Shoes: Bamboo (Alloy)

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