Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vote for ME! In the "Flaunt Your Loop 18 Fashion Photo Contest"

Facebook Loop 18's Photos - Vote now! Flaunt Your Loop 18 Fashion Photo Contest

Okay wonderful followers of this blog. I am super excited about something and if you're on Twitter or Facebook, you know what this is about. I am one of 8 top finalist in the Flaunt Your Loop 18 Photo Contest. Wondering what this is about... well this is where you love, loyalty, and support come into play. I need you to go to the Loop 18 Facebook Page and click "LIKE" then I need you to click my photo/link above and below my photo click the word "LIKE".

As you know Loop 18 is intended for a younger audience but I wear some pieces to show you can be trendy without looking like you're trying to relive your youth. Well, becuase of the complexity needed for voting... people keep voting in the wrong place... and I am getting the tar beat out of me by kids probably not old enough to vote (no offense to my younger audience but you'll understand when you start to get wrinkles in your knees). So I and asking  begging  pleading my case so that I can win and be able to purchase something new that is fun...

I figure if just 15 of my wonderful followers vote (who have not already voted) I have a serious chance of winning this thing... so what do you say? Do I have you vote?

Sidenote: My apologies again to the people who read my blog who don't always comment. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read little bits of me and I love you for all you do and all your support...

Second sidenote: Did all my drama on this blog over-shadow my giveaway... Please sign up for my GIVEAWAY
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