Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My apologies to my loyal readers!!

Today has been an emotional day. It started out so well and has painfully gone downhill. I had an interview via phone that I think went well and hope leads to a job. I also had complete strangers come up to me and ask me about my leggings. I seriously made ASOS some money today… but the point of this post is related to them so I will get to it…

I am sorry… to my readers. I am trying my best to be a moral blogger and to make my fashion life real to my readers. But the problem is that I am living large chucks out of what should be said. Aside from the spider post, I have been lazy with my posts. Why? Because when I ask questions in my posts, no one ever answers the questions. I just get “great dress”, “looking good”, and other such comments. The compliments are appreciated but I noticed that if I asked a question that no one would answer the question. So I realized that people were looking at the pictures because its easiest and fastest way to browse a blog, leave a comment and then I assume move on to another blog. As I know I am not the only fatshion blogger out there, I try to make the outfits speak for themselves as that is the heart of my blog. Now some of my friends on bbm and twitter knew how deep in depression I had fallen recently. I did not leave my bed for days and my husband actually said the words, “you’re scaring me”. So he and my mom did something to pull me together. Now will I say that purchasing leggings made me feel better? No. I suffer from a condition that requires medication that I cannot afford because I no longer have medical insurance so I am taking it sporadically. But their concern and their consequent bride made me get myself slightly together and scrub off all the sad feelings. Now anything you buy from overseas usually costs a million dollars but due to free US Shipping and a code I felt those leggings were worth getting.

Now, Jessie made a valid point. I was shopping about a month or so ago like I was still employed but all that changed and I began selling some pieces from my closet (including… gasp… shoes!!!)
This has been a growth period for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I will shop to keep the demons at bay… but it’s a temporary fix. And usually I could work around it to the next paycheck, but now that doesn’t exist… so I had to put on my big girl panties and stop being so selfish. I’m proud of my growth and restraint during this time. I hadn’t completely stopped until recently, but I realized that I have more than enough items in my closet to keep me sustained until I start another job.

I believe you are also the person who made a donation to my blog and with that I could understand why you would be angry. Again, I apologize if you thought I was taking said donation to the nearest store to shop. I am not. All money is given to hubby who combines it to pay subsequent bills, the leggings were a gift. I will return the donation to you if that is what you would like. I would never ever want you to feel you helped someone who did not deserve your heartfelt contribution. I appreciate your loyalty to my blog and I pray you continue to read my blog. My readers mean everything to me, and even when I lose one… its like losing a long lost friend.

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