Monday, September 20, 2010

DOTD: Strangers Kill Spiders For Me

Before I jump into the pictures of my outfit from today, I wanted to give a piece of myself and my home life. I pray I don’t bore you to death.

Last night, hubby and I discussed our finances and I could see that he was stressed out. So we did something we hadn’t done in a while. We came up with a “in a worst case scenario plan” why that is important is because if that has to kick into gear, my blog will go away. Internet is a luxury and we won’t be able to afford it, so pray for us. After we discussed that we realized we had both been stressed trying not to discuss what was bothering us each so much. After that we now know that we will survive.

After we discussed our finances, we watched Date Night which we had received from Netflix (which we also may have to give up which would mean the kids would spend their days staring at each other and fighting – oh joy). So we watched the movie and there is a point where the wife says "Dammit, why don't you ever close any drawers? You never, never ever close any drawers you open, never!" and as I’m laughing… hubby turns to me and says… “Why are you laughing? That’s you!!” What? He goes on to say I never close any drawers I open… WHATEVA!! Then this morning as I am getting ready I turn back to look into my closet. Every drawer I had opened was still gapping open… dude I laughed from a seriously healthy place. But you do realize I will never admit this to hubby that he was right? I mean, what kind of wife would I be if I didn’t keep all husbands in the universe thinking that they’re wives are always right. I could start famine or another world war… no one wants that type of calamity…

Now onto the ride go school… on my way to dropping Yaz off at school I look out my window and see this horrific looking spider… and freak out!!!! But then I realize that its outside… thank goodness… but this spider is smart, it ducks behind my rain guard and shields itself from high speed wind. Well, after yelling at one of the mothers (from the safety of my car) about how she doesn’t know proper Kiss & Drop etiquette I completely forgot about the spider, so when I got to the light before my home and opened my window to throw out gum… the spider came back to the forefront of my mind… I panicked… wondering where it was. Then I saw it climbing up the inside of my window. Out of fear I opened my SUV door and drove to the nearest man I could find… I screamed come quick to some poor construction worker and made him kill the spider (yeah… I love all living creatures except for rats, roaches, spiders, snakes, and okay who am I kidding… any freaking insect… it is mind numbing fear here people). Okay, so now all the construction workers smile and laugh when they see me… I don’t care. I’m just glad I am still cute enough to get strangers to kill things for me.

Okay… I felt this story needed to be told… and reading it now… it makes me chuckle. My life isn’t as boring as I think it is… is it?

Now onto the outfit, it was going to be a review because it was provided by the great owner of Lucie Lu but after telling my story I think the dress speaks for itself… it screams Fall but also says… I’m a woman come kill a spider for me…

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Lucie Lu (Sicily Dress - $68.00)
Belt: ???????
Lime Green Shoes: Metrostyle
Lime Green Earrings: Beauty Supply or Dots
What do you think?


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