Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Diva Spotlight: Wedding Day Divas!!!

As you know from my previous post... I attended a wedding... so I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the fabulous plus size diva's in attendance...

The main and most plus sized diva of the night was the bride... Doesn't she look spectacular? Her name is Isis and she just looked amazing!!

Next up is the one of her bridesmaids who is also a dear friend of mine... Kadiatu... isn't she gorgeous here with her hubby?

Now below is my friends Oly (who I dressed for the wedding) and my friend Tonya. I loved how everytime I pulled up my camera that Tonya like instantly posed... I don't have one single bad shot of that girl... FABULOUS
 Now a moment to focus on my "client", Oly... I have to tell this story. During our quest for the perfect dress she kept telling me what would and would not look good on her. I tried to explain to her how that curve hugging dress would make her look fuller on top and would hide her problem areas... she wanted to hear none of that... so we went on the hunt for a "safe" dress. While she was in the dressing room and I was off pulling my hair out and looking for a "safe" dress that would adhere to her RULES... she goes to the return rack and sees this champagne colored dress (a color I had told her previously would accent her fabulous burgundy Jimmy Choos). She said... she pulled it off the rack so that when I returned she could show me just how bad she would look in something that hugs the curves. When I returned I heard her wimper "Yolanda"... I panicked... thinking omg... what's wrong. Nothing was wrong... she just couldn't believe how sexy and  beautiful she felt in the dress. So she "technically" found her dress... but using the rules I told her but only because she wanted to prove to me how wrong I was... hmmmm do you hear that... that is the universe confirming I know what I'm talking about... doesn't she look great?!! Don't doubt my fashion abilities... its my superpower!!

Now here is all of us together (minus the bride & Kadi)

Oh... and not to leave my date for the evening out... here is hubby!!

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