Saturday, September 11, 2010

Divas of the Week: You lookin at a Winner!

Okay, another week has gone by and here are the looks I'm loving... I will only do 5 ladies a week, so if I miss you, keep up your style and I will catch you in an upcoming week. If you're not sure I'm reading your blog, leave me a comment or shoot me an email...

First up this week is a beautiful lady from a blog I just found. Her name is Sally and the title of her blog is Already Pretty. She has a pretty huge following so it wouldn't surprise me if you've already scoped her out. But I liked this outfit and the contrast of colors. I see on her blog she is not afraid of color. You know neither am I... so I have to show love to people who creatively put colors together.

Next up is a blogger is using a jacket and since that is my newest fetish I had to show her look some love. It's Jill of Jilly Beanstalk. When I saw this post earlier this week  showed her some love and wrote it down as a possible for the feature. She made the cut *winks* don't you agree?

Third up is the wonderful giving blogger Weesha of Weesha's World. I absolutely love this girl because she is one of the first bloggers to add me to her blog roll. She is so supportive of others and her style is... AMAZING. But this weeks top contender is as she put "I think this skirt wins the title of my favourite skirt, ever!" And I agree!!! This skirt is amazing on her... and adding the leopard bag (leopard being my current favorite trend) GENIOUS!!!

Coming up next is Nicolette... I know you know her because she's awesome and super sweet and her photos are... amazing. I go to her blog for the photography. But the skirt that I was tempted to buy but didn't (I was afraid it would be too short) but on her it is... Classic! I introduce the talented Nicolette Mason

Now this outfit is the winner of the week (even though it is not a contest) I just love how she pulled this together. I told her via comment this outfit says " I'm a super cute girly girl but I'll kick your arse!" I just think that says it all about this outfit.... LOVE IT!!!! Nikstarr

So these are my picks of the week. I'm sure there will be something tomorrow... but I felt the power to type tonight... so I figured why not post it now? What do you think of these ladies? Are there some outfits you felt I missed? Comment and let me know...

Also, if you're pic is above and you don't want it included in this post... let me know and I will promptly remove...

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