Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DOTD: Dotting the Eye

So as I mentioned on twitter yesterday, I was going to wear my City Chic Pin Spot Blazer. I'm wearing it to work today and I realized something today... people aren't ready for me. I think so many people have this misconceived notion that all plus sized women are poorly dressed, sloppy, and just plan miserable. They have no idea how to deal with a plus sized woman who smiles all day and is generally happy with her size and the clothes contained in her closet. I love it because it has caused a many a “skinny chick” to step up her game and not be outdone by a plus sized woman… who according to myths… can never find anything in her size.

What this fashion blog has done for my closet isn’t nothing short of amazing. Because of this blog, and the fear of repeating anything and boring people to death… I try to mix pieces in new and creative ways. Also, trying to use things inter-seasonally (yep… just made that word up… I think) and showing that you don’t always have to wear it as originally designed.

Now today’s outfit was centered on a blazer I wanted to wear while still have a sort of holiday vibe to it (hence the over usage of red). It’s from City Chic as I mentioned above. It has a read lining which also makes the red additions all that much more workable. It’s a stretchy blazer which I love. I also love the crown pin on the lapel ( I am QueenDiva so this pin is perfectly fitting). I decided to finish the look with my faux wrap top from Curve Appeal with a lace cami underneath, heart fishnet tights from Torrid, my red velvet booties found on ebay and my ASOS Curve Bodycon Pencil Skirt. My accessories were my ornament earrings that jingle when I walk, and my big silver necklace. I feel super sexy today and this outfit is seriously getting looks ( I will assume everyone likes the look as most the faces I see are of shock).

So if I were to give this blazer a grade it would be: A- (it would be an A+ if the button wasn’t already too loose to keep the jacket closed)

What do you think?


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