Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to you, my love

Today is Hubby’s birthday… So I decided that in honor of his special day, I would do a collage of photos of him… showing the many faces of this special man

The man:


100_0606     100_1215 

 IMG_0015-1 100_1217 

100_0753 100_1219   100_1141 


The husband:




The father:

100_0645  100_0633


The friend:



The Comedian

IMG_1233 100_2416  100_2415

I realized while searching through photos that I don’t have a picture of my wedding. I don’t know what happened to them… :( I think they were in the laptop that crashed… dang nabbit… but nonetheless… he’s a wonderful man… and I’m glad I am spending another year as his wife :)

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