Monday, December 20, 2010

DOTD: Livin' La Vida Loca

Before I get started on today’s outfit, I wanted to take a moment and plea for you to spread the word that when I reach 200 followers, I plan on doing a series of giveaways. I want to do at least 3 giveaways, but I will possibly do more if the response is great. I wanted to do them before the New Year, but it hasn’t worked out thus far. What I need is for those of you who don’t “officially” follow via Google Friend Connect, to follow me so we can get ya’ll some swag!!! The first giveaway will be for Lucie Lu

Now onto the outfit…

This is going to be a seriously honest review (only kind I do). When I was given a choice for what to get this month, I decided to let the owner of Lucie Lu decide what to send me. In the past her choosing something has always worked. When I made that decision, I hoped and prayed it was NOT going to be the Vida Dress in Periwinkle… I hated the dress. I hated it on the mannequin, hated it out of the box, and hated it on the hanger. When it arrived, I told hubby… “I’m not wearing it. I hate it. Its ugly” (yes… I really am this much of a spoiled brat in my house)
He said… “Let me see”. Expecting him to agree emphatically, I showed him the dress. He looks at the dress and looks at me, and then asks… “Did you try it on?”
I said… “No, it’s ugly”…
So he said… “Maybe you should try it on before you hate it so much.”
So I tried it on, still hating the dress. Because let’s be honest… at that point I had built up this hatred so high it was no coming down from it. He took one look at the dress and said. “I like it, its different. I like how one side is different from the other. I like how the front kinda scoops. And I love the length.” (I think hubby was trying to say some of my stuff is too short… yeah… soo not focusing on that one). Then he continued “And I think you could have fun with it. Add a belt and stuff that you add and make it look really great.”
It was at that moment, I saw the dress for what it really was. A formula dress: A dress I could throw on and really make it what I wanted it to be… then slowly, the hatred subsided. But not before I decided I was going to wear this dress with a blazer a belt, leggings… I was really going to try to hide the dress. Now… fast forward to this morning… I LOVE the dress, and the thought of covering the dress bothers me terribly…

Why I love the Vida Dress:
  1. The material: although thin… its super comfortable and like wearing pajamas
  2. The color: I thought when I saw periwinkle it would be more on the purple side, but it’s closer to a blue which is perfect because I could do so many great color combinations with this dress.
  3. The length: I agree with hubby… It hits me in a pretty great place on the leg…
  4. The sleeve: Seriously… I really really like the ruffle sleeve now. I can’t explain why… I just do.

Now the waist has elastic in it which I think makes it perfect to add a belt. I added my navy bow belt from Torrid and I think it makes this already girly look even more girly. I threw on some navy tights and my 80s inspired navy earrings to continue the contrasting blue theme and some black velvet booties. For a dress that I was so conditioned to hate… I think I look pretty slammin’.

So here is my advice to everyone out there. Don’t judge a dress, shirt, skirt or outfit by the hanger or mannequin. Put it on your curves and check if it’s for you. In the case of these online retailers, check the blogs… 6 times out of 10… someone somewhere has reviewed it. 

Now onto the great news!!! If you like this look… or any Lucie Lu look I’ve ever done… Please please please stop by today and take advantage of her site wide online sale. 25% off everything on her site!!! If you make a purchase, let me know what you got J

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