Wednesday, December 01, 2010

DOTD: The Golden Consignment Find

I am currently in love with this dress today. I can not stress enough to you, do not sleep on consignment shops!! Google. It’s a wonderful tool. You need to know all the consignment shops in your area that carry plus sizes. Most of them, I found, are owned by Christian families or women of faith and they tend to be quite kind. If you call them and ask what their size selections usually include, they will tell you. Not to mention you can find inexpensive pieces you can use or layer. I visit all the ones in my area but I get 90% of my pieces from Curve Appeal.

This dress is one of those finds you hope for… its from a great website, but someone felt that it wasn’t for them or maybe they outgrew it… not sure… only know that I’m in love. I didn’t want it to be just a plain dress so I added a vest and some gray/black patterned tights. I needed my color (you know I love me some color)… so I added purple accents and (later after the pics) purple eyeshadow. I feel like today and yesterday were good starts back from the holiday. What are you wearing today?

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: SWAKdesigns (Curve Appeal Consignment)
Military Vest: Loop18
Tights: Target
Boots: Marshalls??
Purple rose ring: flea market
Earrings: Claires
Necklace: Beauty Supply

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