Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DOTD: WeLoveColors... even if they are a shade off

Okay, so recently I ordered some WeLoveColors tights because I was hearing all the time about how great they were, but had no real knowledge if this were true. So I decided to try out some colors because I have all the black I could possibly need and I already had a few colors that I loved. So then the dilemna became... which colors to try. Yikes... for a color whore like myself that was going to be the hard part. So I ordered Teal, Mocha, and a pair of black fishnets (well come on... are you even surprised?)

So I love the teal... no idea what outfit I am going to wear it with... but it is going to debut very soon. And the fishnets... well... I have to wait until the office gets over this outfit before I wow them again.

So long story short... I decided that today being that the office is quiet and so many people are on vacation, I would wear my mocha and test them out with a dress that has been in the back of my closet since I bought it 2 summers ago. I think I've only worn this dress once... maybe twice... but only once comes to mind. So when I put the tights up next to the dress it seemed like a perfect match... atleast in the horrible lighting of my home. Well, this morning I wake up and get dressed and in the light on the balcony... these things look grey... not grey grey... but brown with grey undertones... YIKES!!!

I would have been terribly upset and would have instantly ripped them off if these darn tights didn't feel like butter against my skin. It would have taken the jaws of life to force me out of these things once in them. I could have gone down a size they are that comfortable. I am in all kinds of heaven... seriously... HEAVEN... so even though the color is off I am terribly pleased and plan to purchase more.

So to complete my dress & off color tight look, I put on my brown booties (which didn't zip up all the way as my feet are seriously swollen the size of watermelons... I know... I'm a mess today), and my brown SWAKdesigns Signature Cardigan. All in all... I still rather like the outfit. What do you think?

Hey if you look really closely:
You can see my pink-eye!!


Amanda said...

Girl your wardrobe amazes me! I love this look. One of my favs on you.

Sabina ♥ said...

hey could you please tell me your email adress. I'm planning something with other blogs and I can't find it on your blog. thank you :)

Lodimat said...

lovely outfit!

Monique said...

Don't you just love their tights!! I do! You look great!

Anonymous said...

Do I need more tights? No. Do I want a pair of WLC's after hearing how soft they are? Yes.

Like the polished work look - esp. how the cardi is tied.

Anna said...

Lovely use of brown! I've been trying to get away from black as a neutral lately so I'm filing this away as inspiration!

Did the SWAK cardigan come tied like that or did you do it? I love the twist!


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