Monday, December 13, 2010

My weekend in fashion…

I had a birthday party to attend and I also had to run errands this weekend. I totally intended to post this yesterday but the thought of touching my laptop actually made me “quiver” *Kim Kozak voice* lol…

I still am too exhausted to really want to do a lot of typing but I will give you the background for both outfits. One is my Saturday run around outfit… Its my first SWAK signature cardigan look. I have it in other colors and plan to try other looks and wraps. I love it… its so soft and the wrap is super long and I can wrap myself TWICE… that is awesome… I teamed it with my Forever21+ leggings. So many people seem to either hate or be afraid of their leggings because of the quality issues they’ve had in the past. But I found with these leggings… for $6.50. If they rip (which none of them have) then I won’t die. I can just go buy some more. I also did the socks and booties look and I expect not everyone will love this.



IMG_0241 IMG_0144    


So then later that night I got to wear my one shoulder dress to my good friend Kejauana’s birthday party. It was a purple & black party. So I wore purple and hubby wore black.  I decided to pair that with my glitter shoes, body glitter, and silver accessories. I know I have a pooch in the photos. I actually have on shapewear but I was super bloated that day… so… no way to get past it… I’ll survive. Still love love love this dress.



IMG_0026-1 IMG_0027-1

And isn’t my hubby wubby handsome? I love this man so much!!!


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