Wednesday, December 08, 2010

DOTD: Grab a pencil... jot it down

Okay, I know I had on a pencil skirt yesterday. And I am wearing another one today. But today I have meetings and I want to look fairly professional. The bright pink tights might throw that off a bit. These are my very first pair of Spanx. Don't own a Spanx girdle or anything thing. What you see in my pics is all my rolls in their glory. But this color... how could I resist? I'm in love!!

Anyway, this outfit also had to be worked out with my boss because at my urging she purchased these exact boots I’m wearing. Yes… they are that fabulous… And I had to make sure that we would not be wearing them on the same day. I am such a little pusher. She used to wear only like 2 ½ inch to 3 inch heels… now I got her rocking the glamazon stilettos on a daily basis. Yeah… I’m a pusher (again if you’re a Mean Girls fan… this line makes so much more sense… lol).

With everything else… all things are good. I am slowly and steadily getting my finances in order and by tax time, hubby and I should be golden. I realized that the past 2 years were a test to see if I could stop being selfish. You may not have noticed (but you probably did)… that when it came to finances I was seriously selfish. I bought for me first and then for everyone else after. And I convinced myself it was because I was working and needed/deserved it. This is weird because I try to do the right things in most situations, but I was missing the mark on that part of my life. Hubby has noticed the change in me and actually told me he’s proud of how far I’ve come. And its funny but I’m proud too. I think that life’s lessons are meant to teach you something, so if you go through hard times and don’t learn anything… then you will go through it again. Here’s hoping that I don’t have to go through this kind of year EVER again.

Okay enough about me… let’s focus on why you really stopped by… my outfit… Again… my boss convinced me to wear these tights because she though it would be cool on an all black outfit… I like how it turned out. Even if the looks in the office are like… “What the hell is she wearing?!!” lol

What do you think? ¿qué piensas?

What I’m wearing today:
Black top: Lane Bryant
Pink Lace Cami: Newport News
Pencil Skirt: Torrid
Raspberry Tights: Spanx (K Staton Boutique)
Lace Booties: Alloy
Earrings: Beauty Supply

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