Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DOTD: Meeting my Destiny

So after yesterday… I feel there is not much to that could top that outfit… so I won’t even attempt to try. But what I will do is wear something that won’t give my client a heart attack as I have meetings today. So I decided to wear something professional yet comfortable.

I know you’ve seen this ASOS Curve top around the blogosphere. I’ve seen in on atleast 4 blogs so far and it’s probably on like 10 more. But I love the shade and I wanted to wear it with a color that I hadn’t seen yet. It seems most other bloggers wore it with black, I decided to go completely crazy and wear it with brown (I know the difference is astounding *sarcasm* lol). I know it still mimics other outfits you’ve seen so I decided to really kick it up a notch and wear it with brown sparkly tights. I got them at Kmart and I love them. If it weren’t the last pair, I would have gotten like 12 pair.

Okay so for like over a year, I have been looking for the perfect brown skirt. Everytime I bought one, it either didn’t work with certain pieces or it was too big, or it was too long. There never seemed to be a brown skirt that did what I needed it to accomplish. So on Black Friday I started perusing websites trying to again find the PERFECT BROWN SKIRT. I saw this skirt on Kiyonna’s website… I thought (as the angels sang in the background) “There is my skirt”. Couldn’t afford it at the time but I made a declaration that when I got paid, that skirt would be my first purchase. I kept my promise… It arrived yesterday, I steamed it this morning… and Viola!!! on the blog. For the record, I love this skirt even more than I thought I would. The material is stretchy but not to much so. Its fitting, but not tight. The satin sash makes it different but I can use the belt loops for an actual belt if I so choose too. Needless to say, they need to make this skirt in every color on the rainbow.

So here is the completed look… gold earrings and my brown wedge knee high boots from Aerosoles completed this look. I like how it turned out… what do you think?


Amanda said...

I like the color combo and it looks comfortable too. :)

Ann said...

I really like this look! You look gorgeous.

NikStar said...

Love the color combo...Next time try shorter boots to show off those awesome tights! I love them!

Anonymous said...

I like the color combo and the tall boots with the pencil skirt. It looks professional and modern at the same time. But I love those sparkly tights!

Savonne said...

That pink top is so cute on you.

Maria said...

wow, that skirt really is perfect! I love how fitted it is without looking overly tight. And I agree with everyone else, the color combo is great!

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