Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DOTD: Figuresque Secretary Dress

So if you’ve been following me on twitter, you know that I had a bit of an issue with the Secretary Dress I received from Figuresque. I can’t be sure if it was me not paying attention to the measurements or if its off, but the return process was so easy that I didn’t mind waiting to get the correct size. Now I will also admit that it doesn’t fit me like the model, but I am tall considered to most other bloggers/models maybe. Its short on me but I think my boobs puts the skirt in a different place too.

Now even though it doesn’t fit like the model, I love it. For no other reason this is a great formula piece to have in my closet. Something that is one piece that I can put on easily and add hosiery, shoes, and accessories and call it a day. This dress came with a belt but I chose not to wear it with one because I thought it made the dress even shorter and I like fit.

Its comfortable and has a very crisp feel… so I see me wearing this often, maybe not on the blog, but often never the less. I decided to couple this dress with criss-cross tights, and blue accessories. What do you think?


IMG_0031  IMG_0015 IMG_0015-1 

 IMG_0025-1   IMG_0030-1


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