Thursday, January 28, 2010


Okay... so after I apply my makeup I put on a clear gloss until I get to my office. Because... well... most days... I need the horrible lighting to know which color will make the look complete.  So today... I decided to spread out all my lip stuff and glosses... and well... shield your eyes... its not pretty.

What's worse... is the red pouch I didn't even know I had it stashed in my briefcase. Not to mention what is stored in my makeup case (which could shield a small child from a fire). This is getting sad... I mean... I should be standing up somewhere and saying...
Hi... My name is Yoli... and I'm a Gloss-Aholic. Is there a 12 step program to less gloss purchases. What is really sad... is that I noticed that my Smashbox clear gloss is almost gone. And instead of thinking, I'll use what I have... I immediately thought (here is where is gets sick folks)...
I should replace that by buying some MAC lip glass... That's right... MORE GLOSS!!!

So my followers... if you see me in Sephora, or at the MAC store in Columbia. Or if you just in general see my silly ass ANYWHERE... buying GLOSS... STOP ME!!!

Here is what my makeup up case looks like (true to life pictures coming soon):

What makes this so much sadder... is that this box above doesn't hold all my makeup. I need another something to hold my foundation, additional lipgloss and my brushes. **Product is: Caboodles Cosmetic Pro**
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