Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OOTD + outfit ramblings

So this is actually my OOTD for today. I was generally thinking that I am pretty in this outfit it is cute and funky. I got many compliments at work and for that I think I will take more risks in my fashion in the near future. Not too risky at work but more risky after business hours.

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Target
Skirt: Consignment Shop
Tights: Walmart
Boots: White Mountain/DSW
Accessories: Dollar Stores/Swap Meets/Flea Markets

In the pictures above I hadn't applied my makeup, see below the pics of my red & grey smokey eye. I love this blending and the look. I think it flatters my eye.

So this weekend while jumping from store to store to shop and then Monday when I returned to Annapolis Mall to visit Sephora, I came to a serious realization. I LOVE Annapolis Mall. The customer service is superior to any other place I shop and all the stores I need are in one place... and on one level. I have fallen in love with Torrid more and more each visit. I have my favorite shops online, but there I can try things on without the issue of when will I find the time to mail it back if it doesn't fit. Also, there is this store there called Buckle that is so hip and now that I want to purchase all the clothes for my husband. Plus of course Sephora is there for my own personal enjoyment.

But in my perusing other plus size blogs, I found that I am being very lazy in my fashion. I mean, I look cute in what I wear, but where are the pieces no one has? They are on websites that I have found via blog browsing such as shops like eShakti, Marie Denee, Plus Size FixSimply Be, and City Chic. Of the ones listed I am most excited about City Chic, Plus Size Fix, and Marie Denee. I want to get some really great pieces to really amp up my wardrobe so that when I step out of my house it is not only tops and bottoms that I've seen on others. Which is why I love consignment, it's great and you can get a $12 item, get it tailored to fit differently, and then people think it a new edgy piece you found online.

Here are some pieces I can't wait to have...

City Chic:

Marie Denee:

Plus Size Fix:

Other Must Haves:


I'm sure you've noticed that all the shoes I've chosen are heels. Well, here is some insight into my life. I can't wear flats. I sprained both my ankles, going down the steps to get my newborn son a bottle (don't worry, he was safe in his crib). But my ankles swelled like balloons and the doctor ordered me on bedrest until both ankles had heeled. I had a newborn and was a single parent. How was that supposed to happen? So now, I am most comfortable in high heels (and of cours my super expensive running shoes - Nike Shox). You may occasionally see me in flats, but understand I am in excrutiating pain to make that particular fashion statement.

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