Friday, January 22, 2010

Deep Thought #2: Am I a HELP to others?

So today while interviewing someone for a future post. She stated that my positive attitude about loving the size you’re in is probably helping others. You know, until that moment it had never occurred to me. Another friend had mentioned my blog was interesting “for those who need it”. At the time I was thinking… need what?

This blog is really a way for me to talk about the shallow things that I thought no one really gave two thoughts about. I love flesh. I am of the firm belief that all women should be soft. I don’t understand how a man can be with a woman who is all right angles and bone. I have never understood people who feel the need to get so thin they have a six pack. That is sexy on men… not so sexy on women.

So now as I sit here in reflection thinking about the reactions I’m getting I think maybe my blog is bigger than I thought. Maybe with the writing of a few words I can help someone. If it be helping them find that affordable mascara or finding plus size clothing online (and offline) retailers. Or to help you build up the confidence to rock that crazy color of eyeshadow (cause if I can do it… so can you). I think that I will be a little more realistic that even though the initial intention was not to help, that may be the way it is playing out. I mean… in my 20s I spent a ridiculous amount of time wanting everyone to “be like me”. I mean, I would walk around the mall and pick some unfortunate soul to make fun of… Now in my 30s my motto is love who you are, in the skin you're in. The end. If you are happiest and most comfortable in your sweats and a t-shirt... DO YOU!!! I have found... that putting someone else’s fashion choice down doesn't make YOU look better. And you aren't beautifying the world. What you have done is succeeded in hurting someone's feelings, and possibly ruining an otherwise good day for someone. So I stopped saying... they look a hot mess (mainly because when someone did it to me on a day when I felt particularly cute... it hurt), I now say... if "I" was to wear that "insert item here"... I would wear it with...

Its about choice but at the same time... being sensitive to our differences. I hope that alone helps someone...

Here is what my BFF, Diva Dawn said about my blog:

Q: Would you say my blog is helping people?

A: I would say yes. So many times there are so many negative images and vibes sent out to big girls that anything that is positive will have a good effect on others so I would say yes you are.

Q: Can I quote you on that?

A: Sure. It’s the truth. There are so many women out there who are “of size” that have the want and the need to look and feel sexy. But there are limited resources that help her to do so. Especially in a world where being a size 8 is considered on the healthy side. Well if that’s healthy than at a 30/32 I must be in the best shape of my life! Lol, but that isn’t the case. They are using the term "healthy" to be kind, as they are telling her she needs to pick up the salad fork only at dinner. But if being a size 8 makes you a big girl in the eyes of society than there is no hope for any of us that are over a 9. And that is sad. Just because we aren’t a supermodel or said size 8 doesn’t mean we can’t look and feel beautiful. So, I think that having said this, that any POSITIVE reinforcement that Women of Size can get today must be commended. WE are BEAUTIFUL and we are SEXY and WE ARE DESIRABLE! and the sooner that the rest of the world catches up to what we already know the better off we are going to be .There is no reason that just cause you are no longer a size 8 or hell a 12 that you need to go into a store and your only selections be a pair of barney purple polyester elastic wasted slacks and a matching collared sweatshirt with Kitties on it. BOOOOO!!!!! I AM NOT DEAD! I just have more curves! I think that having positive blogs and instructions from a BBW to other BBW's is a FANTASTIC idea! I mean who wants a "skinny girl" telling her what she needs to wear. Or that her butt looks too big in that skirt. That will get her eaten alive! Positive reinforcement and positive criticism from another woman of size that is comfortable in her skin and does have the knowledge to help the others on their way is definitely what is needed! SO Blog on My BBW Sister! Your Message is the Gospel of the BIG BEAUTIFUL FULL FIGURED WOMAN!!! Preach your word! We need the message!

Any other opinions?

Comments welcome.
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