Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting it together this year...

So it is 2010, and as I sat down to complete my resolution list I saw a pattern. I found that my list seemed to center around the same things as last year. Diet, budget, help others... blah blah blah. So my resolutions will be a little different this year. As, over the last year I have found myself. I have found that I love who I am, and if others have a problem, the door is that way.

So my resolutions for year 2010 are as follows:

1. Do unto ME!!! - I will take care of myself BEFORE I break my neck taking care of others. It seems that the more I do for others, the less they appreciate it. So from here on out... I will not do for you until you can learn to do for others. I have a feeling, that once I stop doing for a specific some... I won't find them being a "friend" by the end of this year.

2. Size Healthy - I plan to work on my health. Stick with the gym this time and really just eat better and take better care of my body. Not because I want to fit into a size 8 (let's face facts... that probably won't ever happen), but to be able to enjoy time spent with my kids and my husband. To have more energy and to just have to go to the doctor less... I mean the copays are killing me!!!

3. Make new friends - I will not let the fact that I am no longer in school hinder me from forming lasting bonds with good people.

4. Start Dating - Spending time with my husband is enjoyable and I want to do more of that. So I plan to start at least once a month having an exceptional date with my husband until I can move that up to more like twice a month. My relationship will not fail because he and I aren't giving our union enough attention.

5. Get silly with it - I plan to laugh more this year. I spent way to much time last year crying or screaming. I plan to not take this crap so seriously. I have to learn there is a brighter side to every situation.

I hope you have goals for this year that you've already begun. Tell me... What are your resolutions for the year?
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