Thursday, January 28, 2010

DOTD: Teal & Brown... again

So today I had a meeting with the Director of my "section" and I wanted to look nice since the man last saw me like 3 or 4 months ago. Also, I wanted him to see that I carry myself professionally and that I am so READY for that Program Management position in a year. So... I wanted to be comfortable since I was going to have to walk to the building, but I also wanted to be cute. Well, that means I go with things that are safe. Which would usually mean a skirt... but it is like alaska polar bear balls cold outside... AND... I didn't want to wear black pants 2 days in a row (even though I have like 10 pair of black pants in varying lengths and styles). But I desparately need some blue slacks, but apparently they don't make those anymore... in my size... but I digress...

So below you will find my outfit and makeup of the day. I went with teal and brown. I love this belt but its now too big... so I need another one. Going to do a search online for some stretchy belts. As I lost 75lbs about a year ago (gained back 15)... these belts were a godsend. As stress in work has increases and I've lost weight again. The one I'm wearing today... keeps moving all over the place rather then staying in place.

fashion sidenote: those belts are great for when you have old shirts and sweaters that are huge but you want to bring them closer to your curves.

Outfit Breakdown
Top: Consignment size 3X (you guessed it... Curve Appeal)
Pants: New York & Company size L
Belt: Lane Bryant size 22/24
Boots: Don't remember
Socks (you can't see): Target... they are brown, tan, and teal (how cute is that??)
Necklace: Target
Earrings: Asian Beauty Supply Store near my house

Makeup sidenote: I used all muted earth tones today (boring brown, bronze, and taupe) and then when it was done... I wanted to cry... so I took my blending brush and brushed over a glazing of teal color. Sorry... I tried... its not in my nature...

Hasta Whenever... :)
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