Thursday, January 14, 2010

Deep Thought #1: Easier in shades of Brown

So as my part of my blog I intend to weekly discuss something I am thinking about and wouldn’t mind some feedback on. But this weeks Deep Thought is something that I read in another blog. Is it "Easier" to Be a Plus-Sized Woman of Color? And as I read, I thought to myself is it easier?

I am going to say yes... I think anything appears easier when you stand behind your size with conviction. As for me, I love the size I'm in. I could afford to be a bit smaller for health concerns, but I love my size 16/18. And I'm not afraid of the numbers anymore. I feel if I wake up in the morning and no one else has anything nice to say to me or about me... I will say it to myself. It doesn't hurt I am married to a hispanic man who loves every bump and jellyroll.

Look at the hispanic culture, they love SKIN... brown, white, black, polka dot... the issue is not race but the love of what the woman eludes. I'm sure we have all thought why is that hispanic woman wearing her little sister's shirt. And when you stare she just continues on her way with her head held high. Because in her country/culture, any man worth his grain of salt would break his neck to get to her.

However, the United States is convinced that we aren't sexy or beautiful unless we are in the single digits in our size. I disagree. As I told a friend the other day. I get hit on, on an average of 7 times a week. I think that because I am clean, smell good, care about my appearance, and walk like I have diamonds at the meetings of my thighs is the reason for my popularity. I think they notice my smile and confidence first. But by the time they realize I'm plus sized... they are already mesmorized. So maybe not mesmorized, but I tend to think that if size were the issue, I wouldn't get approached as often as I do. From white, black, and hispanic men. Now, I will admit it is usually men of color who tend to make it easier for curvy plus sized women of color. But that doesn't mean you can't help it along as well. Below are images I believe are beautiful, just because this is the American average, not a size 0. But I ask you, my reader... Is it easier? And if you aren't a woman of color, what is your opinion on the subject  (yes or no)?

Just a (deep) thought...

For more positive body images...

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