Friday, January 15, 2010

Vanity or what...

So I have been hearing lately that I am conceited. Okay... I will accept that. I will admit that I love my face, boobs, thighs, and just the general reflection of ME!!!

But why is that such a problem? When so many women are generally self loathing and are always finding something wrong with themselves, why is my self-confidence even an issue? I think more people would embrace the fact that I love who I am inside and out. I upload pictures of myself (usually because of makeup) to Facebook on a regular basis. Why is this wrong?

I think that more women should embrace themselves the way I do. Dress size, skin color, hair length, and/or comments from others should have little to with it. I know some women stay with men that say hurtful things because they begin to believe that rubbish themselves. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Here is what causes me to feel not "as pretty":

1. My period - Come on... what woman can possibly think they are glowing and glamorous feeling like a vampire is slowing draining her dry from her lower regions. Not to mention the hormones that makes all other humans on this planet seem idiotic and annoying.
2. Unsupportive friends/family - especially the ones who know you are confident and love who you are but use every moment of bad judgment to make you feel gross... Like for example my mother telling me my makeup is cute but she would like to "blend" it better. Or my friend telling me my weave looks "a hot mess", when she NEVER does her hair.
3. Discontinued - when I find out makeup that I have used since I started applying makeup is being discontinued and knowing I have to start looking for an alternate brand... it’s enough to make you certifiably insane! (Diva Dawn is personally experiencing this right now)
4. Desperately needing a fill-in - I mean come on... who wants to see that horrible gap between the cuticle and her expensive gel nail. (the picture to the left is a fresh pink & white gel manicure)
5. Mysterious machine stains - putting on that special outfit, getting to your destination and looking down and finding there is some form of oily stain that you hadn't previously noticed.

There may be others but these don't cause me to have disasterous weeks, months, or years. They give me the occasional bad day every now and again. But usually (with the help of my happy pills) I try to remain upbeat. I think if you don't think you're pretty... how is someone else going to jump on a bandwagon that you yourself don't occupy?

I will not change who I am. I will continue to love me. And if my confidence is a problem to you... that probably means you WISH you were as confident as I were. And maybe instead of hating on what makes me... ME... you could ask me why I walk in a ray of sunshine everyday.

BELOW FIND MORE PICS OF... YOU GUESSED IT... ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (this is especially for the HATERS)

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