Tuesday, January 12, 2010

OMG!!! Makeup!!!

So, as anyone who knows me can tell you, I LOVE MAKEUP!!! So it is no surprise that I have hit my Sephora 500 points and will probably hit it again within the next two years. I mean everything in one place. Brushes, lip gloss, skin care, and cologne... OH MY!!!

But this morning on a detour to work, I stopped at CVS, to get some immune boosters (vitamin C) and decided to browse the makeup department. Here is a reason why you should not sleep on the makeup at CVS...

1. If it looks absolutely horrible and you can't stand the color. You can return it... anytime... with your receipt.

2. They have a high turnover, so whatever doesn't sell quickly... they mark down.

3. It's cheaper than Sephora, but used together can stretch your more expensive makeup.

First, I will explain #3. I love lip gloss. Ask anyone and they will tell you that 90% of the time my lips look like I just fell into a vat of oil and landed on my lips. But for me, it works. I love the expensive lip gloss such as My Glossy Lips by Lauren Luke (which only comes with her complete makeup palette) and Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Gloss. But in these horrible economical times I have been trying to use them only for my really great makeup days or for special occasions. Then as stated in #3, I had a great idea. So now I use a cheaper lipgloss that I can slather on, and then put a longer lasting more expensive lip gloss on top (see I probably just gave you an idea to stretch your really expensive lip gloss or lip stick). I find that even though people will try to convince you that cheaper lip gloss will last as long as the expensive stuff, I am here to tell you as someone who has tried just about every brand of lip gloss. THAT IS NOT THE CASE!!! I have had some lip glosses disappear because of a change in temperature. Some cease to be glossy after about 15 minutes and I am not one for the reapply. When I apply it, it better get me to where I'm headed until I eat or drink something (or, of course, if my husband decides to remove it with his lips... hehe).

But the best thing is the price. I found Rimmel Kiss Off! Lip Gloss, (which isn't half bad for lip gloss) for 75% off. OMG!!!!!!
The last time I was in CVS I found Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor for 50% off. And I mix and match it with my super expensive stuff and I am telling you it lasts alot longer that way. Now this won't work for everything, but below I have listed some makeup tips to keep you slightly frugal.

Eyeshadow: You don't need to buy super expensive eyeshadow if you're on a budget. I find that although more expensive shadow does seem to last longer than the drugstore variety, if you just use eyeshadow base or something to eliminate the creasing of eyeshadow. You eyes should make it the entire day.

Eyeliner: I haven't EVER bought an expensive PENCIL eyeliner. I find that they are generally the same. However, I fell in love with Styli-Style Eyeliner and now only buy their pencil eyeliner. And they come in just about every color imaginable. As for liquid eyeliner... when I sold makeup, I fell in love with Motives Liquid Eyeliner in black. And although they have changed the packaging, I have confidence it still packs the same punch. Not to mention the easy application.

Eyeshadow Base: As I indicated above. You will get a longer life out of your eyeshadow and the colors will be more brilliant if you use an eyeshadow base. I myself prefer Motives Eye Base and have been using it for years now. And if you see me in the morning. And again in the evening... you will see my eyeshadow has staying power. Not to be biased, others have been known to use Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Now I wear my makeup everyday, and when I don't... I feel like I am not being myself. But that doesn't mean you have to wear makeup in order to feel good about you. Feel good in the skin you're in and be the best DIVA you can be... in what you feel most comfortable in. These makeup tips are for people who wish to use the information. If you have tips that you think would be helpful. Feel free to post...
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