Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Open Book

So an update on my reading situation. I'm a lazy bum. I haven't really read much in like the last week. After I had such a great start to the year. I seem to be just slugging along. But I have read 7 books up until this point. Which is rather sad considering I am supposed to have 12 books for the month of  January. At this rate, I don't think I will make it unless magazines count (which they don't).

So here is an update on what I have read so far from my list on Goodreads:

1. Real Vampires Live Large by Gerry Bartlett (January 1, 2010)

2. Hot Tamara by Mary Castillo (January 5, 2010)

3. Real Vampires Get Lucky by Gerry Bartlett (January 6, 2010)

4. Lucky Chica: A Novel by Berta Platas (January 8, 2010)

5. Sex and the South Beach Chicas by Caridad Piñeiro (January 11, 2010)

6. Under Her Skin by Susan Mallery (January 12, 2010)
7. Bubbles Unbound by Sarah Strohmeyer (January 17, 2010)

Now I just have to get up enough... steam?... to continue my reading. I don't know what it is. Maybe if I spent less time on my darn makeup & more time on my reading. I would have read my 12 books by now. Well, wish me luck.
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