Sunday, January 17, 2010

Company Holiday Party

Last night was my much anticipated company holiday party. It was my first so I had no idea what to expect. I know some of you are like, the holidays have past, but I am for one glad that they do it in January. It is cheaper to get semi-formal attire after the New Year.

Yesterday, I wasn't exactly happy that I had waited until the last minute to purchase something to wear. I mean, as I consider myself a diva, I am very particular about what shall drape my body. As this was a work function, and I really didn't want to put "the twins" on display too much, I really wanted something sexy, but professional. Well, that didn't go too well. First let me list a few complaints:

1. Just because I am a woman of size does not mean I only want to wear flowers and paisley.
2. Collars do not have to come to my chin (don't designers realize this makes multiple chins look WORSE)
3. Plus size does not mean that I do not have sexy legs. Dresses do not have to always come to my calves.

With that said, I will tell you that I firsts went to Curve Appeal (a great plus size consignment shop literally minutes from my house). I love this place and they now know me when I enter. It’s the best invention, I can shop for items that will flatter me, but possibly didn't have the same affect on another curvy Diva. Are you serious? LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. I have purchased many outfits from this place, and intend to purchase many many more. Unfortunately they didn't have anything in my size that I felt would WOW them at my company gathering. Next I left there to go to Burlington to which I found I could actually fit a size 14 dress. As long as I didn’t mind my breasts completely falling out of the thing, it was a comforting thought. I found a very affordable cute halter style dress. Only the halter came up in the front and the back and tied on the side, which gave my neck this completely ridiculous bow on my neck. The dress was cute but the bow kept drawing my attention in the store mirror causing horror and unease.

After Burlington it was a horrible stop after another from place to place with no success. We went to Marshall’s, Avenue, K&G, Catherine’s, Lane Bryant, and finally Torrid. Actually we also went into JCPenney, but they were having a sale of some sort and it was CHAOS!!! I told Miguel I had neither the patience nor the time to deal with them. So we go to Torrid. And from this moment on, when in desperate need of something to wear that holds something I will actually wear, I will always go to Torrid (after of course Curve Appeal) whenever a fashion emergency arises in the future.

In Torrid, I found this cute black & grey tank dress. I also found a sparkly sweater, which I thought looked festive. On the way out of the mall, I stopped at Claire's and bought two really long pearl necklaces, and pearl earrings. I had multiple ideas about my hair and additional accessories for when I got home.

So as I am rushing to prepare for an evening I have no clue what will occur, my mother decides to make an already stressful situation even worse. Last week we asked her to babysit. So my son wouldn’t have to be burdened with the responsibility. But since she wanted to ask a million questions and put her nose in places it did not belong, we at the last minute had to leave the kids at home. It was disappointing. Her meddling is a problem because she has my son believing that his stepfather is abusive to him because my mother won’t mind her own business. It’s so stop badmouthing my husband to my son, our relationship will continually deteriorate.

Outfit sidenote: I wore the dress with one of the pearl necklaces around my neck and the other I wrapped around my wrist like a bracelet and the earrings. I used my pearlized combs in my hair to pull it up. I also wore the sweater I had bought and and belt I had previously bought from Torrid. I finished this look off with my grey pumps. I felt soooo cute!!!!

Upon arriving at the party, we found that everyone had gone to the buffet at least once. It was so bustled I couldn’t tell where there were empty places at any tables. Finally our HR Manager came and found the maitre d and he placed us. We had to walk by just about everyone in the party as the only available seats were all the way in the front. We finally made it to the buffet just before they began putting food away, so they could begin dessert. I didn’t win any of the door prices. Nor did I win any awards. But the evening was still very positive. I found out from my manager that they are giving me my much awaited (and much desired) promotion. Second, I also found that my company is pretty damn cool in a party setting. I love it. It was the best feeling to go to a party and not feel like a total spazz. I met many people I had no idea worked for my company and I just generally loved it. Also, my husband and I were voted best Latin dancing couple by the DJ. Quote “If you want to know how to Bachata, just follow the couple in the front, they know what they’re doing” Unquote. When I looked up at him to see who he meant, he made eye contact and pointed at us. It was the best feeling. “Dance Masters” he called us. I realize we aren’t the best dancers, but we were probably the only couple who dance Bachata on a regular basis. It was just a generally fun evening. I can’t wait to do it again next year. How was your company affair this year (if you had one)?

Just not to make it this about me... below is a picture (not the best) of my husband and I.

Outfit sidenote (Miguel): He wore black slacks, black dress shirt, and a black & silver/grey tie. He finished his so sexy look with great dress shoes (steve madden) and a Buckle Pop Icon jacket. He looked sooooo good.

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