Monday, January 18, 2010

Sephora Field Trip YAY!!!

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Today was a much needed trip to Sephora. Anytime I need a pick-me-up, Sephora is a requirement. Today I went to check out the items that were listed as being on sale from a link I received via Twitter.

I wanted to check out the Laura Geller cosmetic line, Bare Escentuals eye looks, Smashbox gloss & glow kit and I wanted to check on some Sephora brand items and the Cargo cosmetic line. I found a few things were discontinued or would no longer be offered at Sephora. But in turn I found replacement items.

Went in search of the Sephora Brand Mascara Fantastic Color in purple and in turn fell in love with Yves Saint Laurent in Fascinating Violet (OMG!!) and Burgundy. I can't wait until my income can allow for more frequent trips to to Sephora. I want better products on a regular basis to complete my look.

I haven't made this know to many people but I recently fell in love with pictures of black women using a light bronzer to make their skin glow and look sunkissed. So I have been on the look out for the perfect bronzer that would make this look possible on someone with my skintone. I think I have finally found this. Today while in Sephora I tested the Cargo Multi-Mix Bronzer. Fell in love with this product as it is not greasy and you can mix it with your foundation, primer, your daily mosturizer or alone. I am so excited about this product but found that it is not online and I didn't check the availability in the store. But I will buy this product, just don't know where yet.

I love foundation primer that has silicone. It leaves you with a smooth finish that makes it appear as though you don't have on any foundation. How can you NOT love that look. So I was going to purchase more of the Sephora Smoothing Primer, only to find that they are out of stock and have been for sometime. So because I am having some issues with my face I am going to try Bare Escentuals Prime Time. I just want to really enjoy the face that looks back at me when I take my makeup photos. If it doesn''t work, I will try the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.

Okay, also I have these tiny tiny bumps all over my face that is causing my much unrest. I am drinking enough water to drown the Titanic and no change. Also, have changed cleansers and still no change in the right direction. So I figure that maybe its time to make a change in a more expensive direction. So while in Sephora I asked the Skincare Consultant what she thinks would help. First, she asked me if I am prone to a large amount of dairy (WHAT?!!!). Yes, I am. Doesn't everything taste better drowning in cheese? So, I was told that I have to lower my dairy intake (POOOO!!!) and use an exfoliating wash. She recommened 3 kinds but I ultimately bought the philosopy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. I haven't tried it yet, but a few people who saw me holding it told me it was a great product. So I have high hopes.

Now on to the best part of my trip. The lip gloss trials (are you even surprised?). I tried Cargo Classic Lip Gloss but it wasn't very shiny and I just wasn't impressed. I then went to check out the NARS Lip Gloss in Orgasm. I really liked it, and will eventually purchase it. It was sticky and provided and nice shiny peach hue to my lips. I would probably cover it with another lip gloss that is less sticky just to make it through the day. I also Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Lip Gloss. The gloss didn't last long enough for me to make it to my car. HUGE disappointment. I had mixed it with Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Couleur #3 (Coral). Had the shine lasted, it would have been extremely HOT! look on me. I did try and purchase another lip gloss that looked amazing on me. Sephora Brilliant Lip Shine in Sugar & Spice.

While I was in the Make Up For Ever section of Sephora the extra brilliant colors of eyeshadows began calling my name. So I decided to give them a try. I have since fallen in love. I had applied a light peachy pink color and teal color on my eyes. But then I added #72 to my outter eye and I have to admit I love the look. I will be buying these colors one at a time in the near future.

The end result after adding the brighter teal shade from Make Up For Ever:

My purchases:

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