Sunday, January 24, 2010

Business Highlight: Curve Appeal

Recently I have been trying a way to update my wardrobe without breaking the bank. A friend of mine told me to try the Goodwill and the Salvation Army Stores of the world to buy the items I needed. I agreed this was a good idea. As my friend is a size 10, she had no problem finding cute clothing at a discount price. I on the other hand, a healthy 16/18 (also a 14W/16W) was having a little more difficulty. Also add into the equation that unless the material was stretchy… my boobs would need a larger size like 22. So I would walk around consignment shops and thrift stores until I was tired of finding the largest size was a 12 or 14. And if I was lucky enough to find my size, it was always something my grandmother or great aunt would wear to church.

So something (God) led me to Curve Appeal. One day while I was completely over medicated, my husband drove past a sign. I only remember seeing. Curve Appeal and the words full & consignment. I thought, there is no way that this was real. I am seeing delusional images in my overmedicated state. Thank goodness my mind wouldn’t let the idea go. Upon arrival to the house, I Google’d the words I remembered and searched the Millersville area. Luckily, I hit pay dirt. This place was real. I called the number and found that they only seemed to have weekend hours. So one weekend, my husband and I paid them a visit. I instantly fell in love. Now, I can’t imagine my world without this store. As I felt it needed to stay in business, I thought it would be a great idea to interview the owners of this great enterprise.

On the Friday, I stopped by unannounced to Curve Appeal, to interview Renita Wells. I began asking questions but was interrupted by a woman who was getting married the following day. You could see the happiness and excitement on her face. She reminded Renita that she had been in previously to purchase her wedding dress. And that now she was returning to purchase something for her wedding night (you know the lingerie department). Renita took time to help the woman and then we proceed to the back where I asked her a few questions. This was my first interview, so I probably didn’t do a good a job as I should. But I am hoping a second interview will come later.

Here is what you need to know about Curve Appeal:

They opened their doors in October of 2006. Renita and her sister were tired of not finding things at other consignment shops. So she mentioned her idea to people she knew, and soon she had people dropping off clothes at her desk at work. She figured at that point that even if she wasn’t serious, the people around her were very serious about this idea. Before she knew it, she had a basement full of clothing. In order to make this a reality, they had to find a shop. The location that they originally were considering (also in Millerville) wasn’t meant to be, but the location that essentially chose them is perfect because you can see it from the highway (I-97).

Motto: “Big girls are in this year!!” (We say that every year)

The owners are Renita Wells, Rochell Thomas (sister), and Romerio Flemings (mother). This is a family owned business that will make you feel at home. I can’t stay away. They sell all plus sizes 14 and above. Shoes, formal wear, and lingerie are available as well. Renita tries to remember all her customers. You may have to refresh her memory a bit, but she does try to give all her customers her undivided attention without overcrowding you. I recommend you give this place a try. Even if you’re not into consignment, you may find (as I did) clothing that was consigned that has never been worn. You never know what great find you will find in this store. Many outfits that will be listed as OOTD, will be because I purchased them from this great gem. Let’s support our small businesses that support Big Girls!!!

Curve Appeal
8258 Veterans Highway, Ste 2
Millersville, MD 21108

Hours: Tues - Fri 10am-6:30pm & Sat 10am-5pm

If you stop by… let them know… Yolanda sent you…

Besitos XOXOXO
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