Saturday, January 09, 2010

Reading in peace...

So, last year... I wasn't very good at updating my blog. I should be better about it because I do have alot to say and alot on my mind. But then when i sit down to write I just can't bring myself to get my thoughts onto "laptop".

So lately, my life has become me escaping into a world of books. I didn't blog about my desire to attempt to read 50 books for the year of 2009. But I did make my goal of 50 books and even surpassed it by reading 62 books for the entire year. I enjoyed making that goal and succeeding. This year my goal is to get to 75 books. Which is a realistic goal. But I joined this group (in part due to my friend Dawn) to see if I could come marginally close to hitting a goal of 144 books in one year. Which is broken down into 12 books each month.

As I really love to read and it has become the best part of each of my days. I love the time I can spend in another world that is wealthier, more fashionable, more dramatic, and generally more descriptive than my normal humdrum life. So hopefully. I will be able to at the least update my blog once a month to list the books I have raed for that individual month. Keep posted... and feel free to send me recommendations for books I should give a try. I don't really like anything too graphic. But I have will give any book a try... whether I finish... is another thing.

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