Saturday, January 23, 2010

MOTD: Pink & Green

So I am not a AKA, but I have always LOVED the color combination of green with pink (or vice versa... hahaha). So I decided today I would do that color combination...  Not a complete fail but because I took my pictures after watching over my mechanics shoulder and because I didn't take my time on my liner today... it wasn't my best work. I will do this color combination again... with better results... Also... desparately in need of an eyebrow wax. MiMi!!!! I will be there tomorrow!!! I do not have time to list all the products I used but there is some Sephora eyeshadow and NYX eyeshadow. Some of my other regular products. And the never blogged before Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips lipgloss. If you want the complete breakdown... Holla at me!!!

Took some pictures when I got back in the house:

Then decided to let my hair down... okay... now here is my inner Top Model:

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