Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blog Sale...

So in case you missed it, I created a new site to sale things from my closet. Its been hard to decide to do this but it must be done. My salary was really important to my family and without it, well, we're struggling. And if you know me well, you kmow that me selling my clothes is serious. Becuase I am selling things that would fit if I lost 10lbs... but I need the money more than I can wait for weightloss. If you don't like any of the items I'm selling but would love to see me keep blogging, I have a donate button on my side panel. I feel slightly embarassed to have to admit that after years up making almost 6 figures... I can barely pay my bills currently... *sigh*

Here are the items I've put on the Blog Sale (so far):

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