Saturday, August 21, 2010

DOTD: Pretty as a Garden

Today's dress was a dress I've had for quite some time. But everytime I tried to zip it... it would go midway and stop... so while I was cleaning out my closet... I thought to myself. I really don't want to sell this dress... I bought it because I thought it was gorgeous. So I decided to try to leave it zipped and pull it over my head...
It worked!!!
So after days and days of housework... and not putting on makeup or getting dressed outside of sweats (yes... I do own some)... today was a day for the record books... only now as I look at the pictures... I hate my shoe choice. But I love love love the ruffle detail down the middle and on the waist... and the flowers are the prettiest I've seen in a while... and who doesn't like a dress with a tulle underskirt?

Also, adding a picture of hubby and I... its not that clear but I thought it was super cute...

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Torrid
Bolero: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Kate Preston (Off Broadway Shoes)
Earrings: Dots

What do you think of the outfit? Have you visited my new Sale Blog (QueenDiva Fashion)? Also, how do you like the new layout?
Would love your comments below!!

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