Monday, August 23, 2010

Let the church say Amen: Back to School

Okay… today was the first day of school… sort of. My 9th grader/13 year old (Leeky Leek) started his first day of high school. He is being so calm and relaxed about it. I didn’t get any pictures of him because he had to leave the house at 6:45 and my brain wasn’t completely functioning at that hour.

My 6 year old (Yaz) started 1st grade and she was adorable. I love her “Loving School” attitude, and I hope she keeps that for many many years to come. My youngest, the 4 year old (Mari) was able to meet her teacher for Pre-K today. I found out it was the same teacher Yasmin had but that she had gotten married which is why her name didn’t ring any bells. She will only be in school for 2 hours per day but its enough to amp up my writing and job search.

Today was a long day and I am exhausted but my body has to readjust to this schedule. But I will give you pics of my angels… and my not-so-diva-esque OOTD today… I love your comments… let me know what you think…

My Outfit Breakdown:
Skirt: Target
Tank: Wal-Mart
Shoes: Victoria Secret
Earrings: Beauty Supply

Yaz’s Outfit Breakdown:
Tunic/Dress: Justice
Leggings: Justice
Shoes: Payless

Mari’s Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Target
Jeans: Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes: Payless

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