Monday, August 16, 2010

Giveaway Reply: Loving the reflection

One of my favorite bloggers, Courtney of Loving the Reflection, is having a giveaway/scavenger hunt and here is my reply to that hunt...

Scavenger Hunt Post Here

Item List (worth 1 entry each):

1. An item of clothing/jewelry that has a sea creature on it/in it
My dolphin anklet

2. A necklace that reaches your bellybutton
Turqoise necklace
3. An item of clothing with more than 13 buttons
Don't have this item
4. Novelty socks (including toe socks)
5. 20 (or more) tubes of lipstick (not gloss!)

6. An item of clothing/jewelry that you've had since high school (I'll take your word on it)
This item my be older than me... my mother had it and then she gave it to me once i started work... so although its wasn't technically mine in highschool... it was in my house.

7. Footie pajamas!
Do not have this item
8. Something with fringe
fringe clog ;D

9. An all white or all black dress

10. An item of clothing/jewelry/shoes/etc. with writing in a language other than English on it

BONUS ITEM (worth 2 entries):

A color wheel of shoes!
Easiest thing to do... seriously... i could have put more colors in this wheel
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