Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sizes to Fit Review: Diamonds Fall-ing from the sky

This sweater-like tunic was sent to me from the kinds folks at Sizes to Fit. When it arrived, I kept putting off wearing it as I again was being hindered by my own ridiculous fear. I thought it would look silly on my lumps and bumps. But after I put it on with these leggings to have a moving around outfit (I have a lot to do today) I realized this was just the thing I needed. If you’d like this great tunic in your wardrobe for fall… get it here: Diamond Shape Front Print Tunic

Best things about this tunic:

  1. The length
  2. The colors (navy, silver, black… makes it versatile with multiple pieces)
  3. The band around the back (not sure why that was really appealing to me… but it is) 
  4. The silver diamond shapes… seriously… super cute!!!

I finished off the look with my over the knee boots… and I was instantly a huge fan of the possibilities of this tunic. The fall wind is a bit nippy today so I added my crop denim jacket. Once I slapped on my 80s inspired huge silver earrings, I felt as though this outfit was complete. I love the end result… What do you think?

 IMG_0007IMG_0081  IMG_0046 IMG_0024  IMG_0108IMG_0041       

I don’t know if you've checked out the Sizes to Fit website but is is a great place to get affordable & trendy plus size clothing. As you know I just went back to work and all of their pieces are in my price range. I also love that they update their site weekly if not more often. Even time I visit Sizes to Fit I am pleased to find another piece I can’t wait to add to my wardrobe. Have you purchased anything from them yet? Well here is an incentive: 10% off our entire purchase if you use code DDT1210. Use it for yourself or maybe get something for someone special for the holidays.

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