Thursday, November 11, 2010

DOTD: She Nailed Me!

First let me begin by thanking Luvvi who followed me officially and gave me my 1 follower back... lmao... priceless... and I love you for it.

Also, here is something that NEVER occured to me... that there are people who read my blog on a daily/weekly basis who don't "officially" follow my blog. Why that never dawned on me is a mystery... **please note this is why so many of my friends thing I'm a ditz**
I am sometimes soooooo slow on the uptake. I mean don't tell me a joke... it will take me a good 20 minutes to get the punchline.

So there is nothing spectacular to report in my life other than the fact that last night... I got my nails done... and cut them in half. If you've looked closely at any of my pictures while I've been unemployed, you would see that I was working with some pink & white claws. But yesterday I hit one on something and literally split my real nail in half... OUCH!!!!!!!!!! So much so that I kept whining during the repair and my nail Goddess, Mimi, told me to stop being such a big baby (its okay, me and Mimi have been in a commited nail relationship for 8 years... I started seeing her 12 years ago... cheated with other nail salons... and eventually realized no one in the WORLD is as good or as OCD as she is). She also told me that she wouldn't do this nail dance with me another time. That the only one who likes long nails on me is well... ME... and that I needed to cut them down or she was going to start charging me an aggravation fee for always breaking nails... in case you can't get it from this post... I love that lady... she's honest, great at what she does... and doesn't have any qualms about calling me on my BS... How can I not love that...
Also, her husband works there too... and he does my pedicures (which I haven't had one in almost a year due to finances) but he is hilarious because he always asks me as soon as he sees me... Deluxe pedicure? well for the last 8 months I've said... NO!! So last night, I tell this man that I got a job, and he rubs his hand together and says,  "finally... deluxe pedicure..." and cracks up laughing. I said not tonight you crazy man. He said, "fine... we'll wait until you get paid... but you NEED a DELUXE pedicure... almost a year no pedicure... you're going to make me earn my tip that day" He is freaking hilarious... little comedian... I told him with the pedicures he gives... he may have to live with my family so those foot massages can be on a daily basis... lol. So again I say... I love my nail salon. So if you're ever in the Glen Burnie area... swing on by Nail Club on Crain Hwy, ask for Mimi and tell her that Yolanda with the pink & whites sent you.

Well.... with all that said... here is what I wore today. I have yet another outfit with this vest. Listen to me ladies when I say that you can rework so many items in your closet if you take the time to be creative. I google ideas, and I WRITE THEM DOWN. So how would you wear this vest? And is there anything in my past posts you would like to see me rework? I originally wore this with stilettos, but soon after the photos decided that I've had my fill of super high stilettos this week... so I traded them in for my boots and I don't have any full body shots with the boots... sorry...

What do you think?

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Asos Curve
Tights: Silkies
Stilettos: ebay (seller: bluke93)
Boots: gifted from my mother (but pretty sure they came from QVC)
Vest: City Chic
Earrings/Necklace: Beauty Supply


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