Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sizes To Fit Review: Lacey without Cagney

I think I’ve mentioned about a million times how much I love lace… well when I saw this jacket, I instantly fell in love. Sizes to Fit sent it to me to allow me an opportunity to review it.

The Item I reviewed: Lace Motorcycle Jacket - $35.99


The Review: This jacket doesn’t currently zip… because well I am top heavy. And its a bit snug on my arms, but that doesn’t change the love I have for this. I have large arms and I know it will probably fit better on others with human sized arms. The entire jacket is lace material and when I had it on, many people asked me where I had purchased it, so that let me know that it would be popular to others. I realize it will be great for spring and fall as it doesn’t do much to block the elements. But if you are just wearing this to complete an outfit (as I did) it won’t matter that it doesn’t stop the wind.



How I really wore it:

IMG_0041  IMG_0058  

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So tell me, have you have purchased anything from them yet?!!



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